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19 Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Exchange timeless and romantic vows with one of these summer beach wedding ideas we have for you. Find out how to get the unique and creative ocean backdrop to make your wedding day a perfect bash!

19 Of The Best Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Nothing is quite as magical and romantic as a wedding on the beach. With soft sand, cool ocean breeze and romantic sunset in the distance, beaches offer the perfect destination for your dream wedding. Personalize your celebration and transform a summer beach event into the fondest memory of your life. So today, we share to you 19 Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas that will pamper you beyond the wedding day.


1. Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Super-romantic without all the fuss, these glamorous wedding dresses with flowy fabrics that move with the sea breeze are perfect for a beachside celebration. From strapless and sophisticated to short and flirty, I'm sure there's one perfect wedding dress to fit a sand-strewn aisle.


2. Barefoot Bridal Sandals

Sand and barefoot sandals are perfect for a barefoot walk down the beach aisle while making your toes and feet much tempting looking. You can DIY it or purchase one that suits your budget.


3. Wedding Accessories And Headpieces

Polished and flawlessly done hair looks amazing on its own, but if you really want to up the stake on your special-occasion wardrobe, accentuate your bridal look with one of these gorgeous wedding headpieces to complete your look and bind everything in a blink of an eye.


4. Groom And Groomsmen’s Attire

Ensure that your groom and groomsmen remain comfortable, and looking amazing in every one of their wedding photos. Take note that a jacket or blazer is not necessary during warm temperatures or you can also opt by unbuttoning the top 2 buttons of a white shirt for a sophisticated classic touch.


5. Bride Maid’s Attire

Bride Maid’s Attire | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Choose a beach bridesmaid dress style that is simple and comfortable. Make your girls look shapely in the sand and remain cool in the heat while dancing the night away in style!


6. Wedding Invitations

Your guests will have an unforgettable experience at your perfectly planned beach wedding. Set the stage for this one of kind lifetime experience by sending beach or seashell themed wedding invitations to give guests the first and lasting impressions.


7. Wedding Program

Make double use of your wedding program by creating fans for guests to use to keep the heat at bay. That’s a fun idea the would create an impression that you care for your guests' joy and comfort!


8. Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Bridal Bouquet | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Use those seaside elements custom made to get gorgeous bouquets to match your style, theme, and personality. It isn’t exactly easy, but seashell bridal bouquets are worth the effort!


9. Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Wedding Ceremony Decorations | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Add a personal touch and twist to tradition with personalized wedding ceremony decorations! Nothing beats a customized decoration that has your own touch of unique artistry!


Can you guess which church this is? #DIYProjects | 📷: @halopigg

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10. Wedding Card Display

Welcome your guest in warmth paradise style that is sure to bring a spark of your seaside festivities. These wedding card display ideas will lead the way of your guest to their chairs.


11. Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Your wedding centerpieces are a great way to tie your style and theme in one. And because there will be so many of them, they’re a great way to get that wow effect!


12. Wedding Gift Tags

Express your gratitude and appreciation to the attendees of your special day in the most memorable way in these wedding gift tags ideas. These are perfect token of your appreciation to your guests.


13. Wedding Favors

You may want to consider sending your wedding guests home with favors that bring out the waterside atmosphere. I'm sure they'll be thankful for the thought!


14. Wedding Confetti

Wedding Confetti | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Add more festivities to your celebration by throwing some wonderful confetti. Dried or fresh petals confetti for a perfect colorful and nature based option. Or you can opt to ask your guest to blow some bubbles for a no-mess option and it also looks great in pictures.


15. Wedding Napkin Holders

Being keen to details plays a great role to a perfect wedding. Take a look at everything, which means including wedding napkin holders. Gorgeous seashell and coral napkin rings can help in creating a wonderful beach table look.


16. Wedding Candle Holder

Wedding Candle Holder | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Romantic beach wedding candle holder, there is really nothing more soothing and festive than the warm glow of candlelight.


17. Wedding Garlands

Wedding Garlands | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

This a great beach wedding garland idea that use scallop seashells to complement your wedding theme. It adds that total beachy warmth in your wedding celebration.


18. Wedding Lanterns

Wedding Lanterns | Unique Summer Beach Wedding Ideas

Adding some lanterns to your beach wedding décor brings warmth to both the daytime and nighttime events. Consider putting some at the ceremony and reception venue.


19. Wedding Guest Book

Have your guests write their well wishes on one of these fun river rock stones and save your collection in a beautiful vase, box or holder.


Need one more summer beach wedding ideas? Check this video from LittleThingsFavors for more Beach Themed Wedding Ideas:

Beach weddings are absolutely popular all year round because they are the most relaxing and romantic. If you are planning to hit a destination beach for your love summer affair and want to make your beach wedding extra special, we'd hope you find these summer beach wedding ideas helpful. Best wishes!

Did the idea of a summer beach wedding sound fun through our tips? Let us know below in the comments!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in June 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. Having a summer beach wedding has always been my dream, and these ideas have taken it to a whole new level of romance and beauty! I love the concept of barefoot bridal sandals and the thought of walking down the beach aisle with tempting toes. The beach-themed wedding invitations and wedding card display ideas are so creative and will surely make a lasting impression on the guests.


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