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12 Awesome DIY Projects to Start the New Year With

Start the New Year off right with these awesome DIY projects. From DIY calendars to planners to a vision board — these DIY projects will keep you on track and trucking towards a brighter tomorrow. 

 12 Awesome DIY Projects to Start the New Year With , see more at:

I strongly believe that it’s important to instill good habits early and often. The New Year gives us the opportunity to begin a new journey with a clean slate.  That’s why I’ve curated a list of 12 DIY projects to help you have a very successful New Year. So stop procrastinating, and start crafting!


1. DIY Planner

“Failing to PLAN, is planning to FAIL.” Grab this free printable 2016 planner. Find the full details here.

2. DIY Calendar

Never miss any important occasions this year by creating your DIY calendar. Here is the free calendar printable.

3. Places I Want to Go Map

Another year to explore and learn about different culture. Make this super easy DIY map tracker to record where you’ve been and where your dream destinations are. Find the idea here.

4. DIY Crossroads Quilt

Check out the details of this project here.

5. DIY Desk Calendar

Create this lovely ombre DIY desk calendar and stay timely. Tutorial here.

6. Photo Calendar

Yet another DIY calendar. Hey, it is the New Year after all! Idea can be found here.

7. DIY Diary

Click here for free download.

8. On a Budget Smashbook/Journal

This is a perfect craft to do with your teens. A cheap way to have a smashbook to start their year. Here is the tutorial.

9. Re-paint Furniture

Planning to repaint your old furniture or your favorite room? Patterns are available here.

10.  Family Command Center

Stay up to date — from your family’s activities to  managing bills. Here is one cool idea to start your year right.

11. Vision Board

It all started with a vision.List down what you want to achieve in life and get a daily motivation to make it happen. See here how you can make an effective vision board this year.

12. Prayer Journal

A prayer journal can help you reflect and be grateful. Click here to learn how you can make your own prayer journal.


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