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4th Of July Drink Recipes In Mason Jars To Mix At Home

Feature | Patriotic drink cocktail with strawberry, blueberry and apple | 4th Of July Drink Recipes In Mason Jars To Mix At Home

4th of July drinks recipes looks more refreshing in mason jars, so check out these mixes and ideas to enjoy!

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Refreshing 4th Of July Drink Recipes, Mixes, and Ideas

How to Make a Red, White, and Blue Alcoholic Drink or Not

Are you looking for the ultimate 4th of July summer drink recipe? Well, I have concocted the perfect All-American drink just for you – complete with mason jars!

Because what would America be without our stars, stripes, and mason jars forever? This recipe can be as boozy or as virgin as you want it.

It could be a simple summer hydrate-r or a super saucy sipper. Below are some 4th of July party ideas to appease all sides of your drink spectrum.

What You’ll Need to Make a Fourth of July Punch:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Apples – cut into stars
  • Water / Alcohol + Mixer (options vary – see below)
  • Mason Jar Cups
  • Pitcher or Punch Bowl

Virgin 4th Of July Summer Cocktails Options


Water or sparkling water will do the trick. The sparkling water gives it a bit of a kick. Add some lemon to keep the fruit fresh.

Or add a lot of lemons and sugar, and make lemonade! (Life did hand you the lemons, after all). Seriously though, this is your DIY beverage – there are no rules!

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Boozy 4th Of July Cocktail Recipe Options


To keep the libations flowing, turn this summer cocktail into a fruity gin & tonic (add in gin, add tonic, add lime), a muddled mojito (add gin or vodka, add mint), or vodka & soda (add vodka, add soda water).

Do you see where I’m going with this? All you really have to do is Add [clear-colored-cocktail-name-here] and you’re golden for a fun day of American celebration!

What is a Mojito? It is a cocktail with rum, lemon juice or lime, mint, ice, sugar, and club soda or sparkling water in the mix. It is a traditional Cuban highball and a popular summer drink.

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How To Cut Your Apple Into Stars


The only other real secret I need to give away is the stars… The fruit stars are simply pieces of apple cut into a star shape.

I chose to work with apples because they hold their shape way better than any other fruit. Take your apple, and slice it into 1/4″ thick slivers.

Then you can use a cookie cutter that is shaped like a star to get your shape or use your knife. Feel free to make heart shaped apple slices too, this creates a fun surprise to let you beverage revelers know you love them!  😉

Keep it in a nice big pitcher!

Pour it into cute mason jar cups!


While you’re at it… You should also make this 4th of July Drink Recipe:


Details at Hint: It’s a blackberry & strawberry lemonade mojito. 2nd Hint: People gobbled this up in minutes, so make PLENTY.


Or you can always make shots! Get the recipe here from DrinkLab Cocktail Recipes:

Cheers! Have a wonderful 4th of July! Let us know how your own party planning is going (or how it went if I’ve caught you too late). I just love the summer season, and celebrating outdoors any time – no occasion is necessary when it’s a beautiful day and you’re surrounded by the people you love!

Get the perfect 4th of July drink recipes to fill your empty mason jars this 4th of July. Level up your Independence Day celebrations with these festive and fruity delights. Gather your mason jars and start mixing.

Are you going to mix a 4th of July drink recipes for your friends and family? Let us know below in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 29, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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