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12 Unique Egg Carton Craft Ideas for Kids

Egg carton craft  can keep your kids entertained for hours on end, who knew you could so much cool stuff with egg cartons right? Well, if you didn't know, thankfully you wont be in the dark for too long cause we are sharing 12 super cool craft ideas.

Unique Egg Carton Creations-DIY

We've curated a great list of craft projects you can make with your kids at home. Oh and they all have one thing in common; they're all made using egg carton. Check them out for yourself.

1.Egg Carton Snail

Image via The Spruce Crafts

2.Mini Owl

It's easy to create these tiny owls from Babble, by  just flipping over the egg carton and getting a little creative with scissors and some markers.

3.Egg Carton Ladybug

This Egg Carton Ladybug is a fun little project to work on with kids of all ages. Just follow these easy steps by One Little Project 

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Free Group T-Shirt

4. Fairy Crown

Your little princess will love creating this colorful fairy crown courtesy of Mom to 2 Posh lil Divas.

5.Egg Carton Camera

You'll need a piece of felt and a long string along with your egg carton for this one. But your kids will have lots of fun playing with their imaginary camera, thanks to Lets Do Something Crafty.

6.Carton Ocean Craft

Check out 12 Unique Egg Carton Craft Ideas for Kids at

Recreate this cute ‘under the sea' themed craft using your empty carton and a few sprinkles, shells and some blue paint. Get the full tutorial at The Spruce Craft

7. Mini Copter

Check out 12 Unique Egg Carton Craft Ideas for Kids at

You can thank The Craft Train for this cool helicopter that you'll enjoy making with your kids. You can paint them in a bunch of fun colors making it appropriate for boys and girls.

8. Butterfly

Michellet at Crafty Morning can show you how to make this pretty little butterfly with your kids.

9. Tiny chickens

10.Spy Glasses

Your little spy can officially complete this spy attire with this epic spy glasses made from egg carton and beads. Check out Mollymoo Crafts for the full tutorial.

11. Crafty Turtles

Our friends at Crafty Crafted will show you and your little ones how to make these cool little turtles. You'll need paint, brushes and foam for this fun craft project.

12. Pirate Ship

Is your little one into pirates? Then he or she will absolutely love making this adorable little Pirate ship by Red Ted Art

Have you tried to make any of these cool craft projects, and how did they turn out? We want to hear all about it in the comment section below!

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