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20 Things You Should Never Throw Away

20 Things You Should Never Throw Away
20 Things You Should Never Throw Away
20 Things You Should Never Throw Away


We all hate clutter. Sometimes we just want to purge out seemingly useless things from our homes. Some things, however, are better off the trash bins. Here’s our list of 20 things you should never throw away and cool, functional ways to reuse them!

1. Fancy Glass Bottles


Clean and reuse your fancy glass bottles, they make great containers for homemade vinegar, fruit jams, and herbs and spices.

2. Baby Food Jars


No need to buy salt and pepper shakers, use your baby’s empty food bottles to make one yourself!

3. Mason Jars


Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

Too many mason jars in your house? Use them as drinking glass! The next time your friends come for a visit, serve up some homemade chillers using your recycled mason jars.

4. Big plastic jars or gallons

Use as water containers. Just be sure to date and rotate every six months.

5. Cereal boxes and shoe boxes


Three words: Your son’s robot.

6. Paint Cans


Make an improvised Emergency Heater using your empty paint cans. Here’s how.

7. Egg crates


Raising your own flock of chickens? Store fresh eggs in empty egg crates if you are planning to eat them for breakfast and not hatch them.

8. Newspapers


Use your stack of old newspapers to start wood fires.

9. Tin Cans


Use bigger tin cans as flower pots and smaller tin cans as desk organizers.

10. Wooden boxes


Throw some soil inside old wooden boxes and grow your little herbs for yummy dishes. Put it somewhere near your kitchen to make it more convenient.


Want the rest? Visit our friends from Pioneer Settler to get the rest of the list.

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