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12 Fun DIY Teepee Ideas for Kids

12 Fun DIY Teepee Ideas for Kids , see more at:

Teepees aren't just for playing cowboys and Indians! They make great indoor hideouts and reading nooks. When made with care, they also make for beautiful room decor. Have your kids help you with one of the simpler projects, so that it can be made exactly to their liking.

My daughter and I made a DIY teepee in colors that matched her room, and she loves it! In fact, that's our go-to reading spot every afternoon.

DIY Teepee Ideas Your Kids Will Love

1. No Sew Teepee

The best reading nook for your toddler. Get this no sew tee pee idea here.


2. Collapsible PVC Teepee DIY

Fun PVC project for you and your kids! See the Collapsible Teepee tutorial here.


3. 3-Sided Teepee

Cheap and easy teepee project! Building directions courtesy of our friends at thrifty&chic.


4.  DIY Five-Panel Teepee

For a slightly bigger teepee, make this DIY 5-Sided Panel Teepee for your kids. Click here for the details.


5. Boho Chic DIY Teepee

Click here to see how this beautiful boho teepee is made.


6. 6 Sided No Sew Teepee DIY

My favorite on the list. 100% NO SEW! Creative! Full of color and different fabrics! Check out the step-by-step tutorial here.


7. DIY Custom Teepee

Custom made for your little one. Get the instructions here.


8. Wooden Samplings DIY Teepee Idea

Use those extra wooden samplings and create this beautiful DIY teepee for kids. You can check out the tutorial here.


9. Cotton Yarn Wrapped Teepee

Wrap poles with yarn to create a completely unique design! Click here for the details on how to make this DIY teepee for kids.


10. No-Sew DIY Teepee for Under $30

Adorable AND cheap. You can see the tutorial here.


11. DIY Big Kid Teepee ($22 Project)

Your older kids will still love the novelty of a cool indoor teepee. Click here for the tutorial.


12. Collapsible Glue Gun DIY Teepee

Another no sew DIY teepee! Collapsible! Find the the details on how to make it here.



Check out this Easy DIY Teepee for Kids by Tesco Living! Enjoy!


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