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How to Fix A Broken Zipper Pull | Cute DIY Ideas

How to Fix Zipper Pull | Zipper Repair | Leather Tassel Zipper Pulls DIY

I desperately need to fix my zipper pulls. Sometimes the zipper pulls on my bags fall right off, or sometimes they’re just so small that they are IMPOSSIBLE to open. How annoying is that? Well I’ve got a fabulous trick up my sleeve that will fix the problem – and turn any zippered good into a hot new accessory! Follow along below for the juicy details.

How to Fix Zipper Pulls

Supplies needed for fixing your zippers (and turning them into cute leather tassels!)

  • A boring old zipper
  • Leather lace
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut leather

Cut the leather lace into 6″ strips.  If your leather lace came in a size that is larger than 1/8″ wide you can cut it down lengthwise accordingly.

Step 2: Gather 3 pieces per zipper

You will need 3 pieces of 1/8″ leather per zipper (I am fixing 3 zippers, so I made 3 groups of leather.)

Step 3: Fold leather pieces in half

To make one zipper pull, hold three of the pieces of leather in your hand and fold them in half.

Step 4: Insert folded leather through zipper ring

Take the part of the leather you just folded, and pull it halfway through the ring of your zipper. If the ring part of your zipper has fallen off, a key ring or even a paperclip bent into a circle will work perfectly.

Step 5: Form your loop

Make a loop out of the mid point of your leather laces and hold it open.

Step 6: Bring ends through loop

Take the loose ends of your leather and pull them through the loop you just formed.

Step 7: Pull tight

Pull the loop tight so it comes to a close at the base of the zipper. Now you’ll have 6 strips of leather dangling down to form a tassel. How easy was that!?

Step 8: Add more tassel zipper pulls!

Repeat Steps 2-6 over every one of your boring or broken zipper pulls.

Step 9: Arrange tassels neatly

Take some time to make sure all your tassels are arranged exactly how you want them as you pull them tight.

Step 10: Use your hot new accessory!!

No more struggling to get your zipper open, because you have now made your own zipper pulls, and they look adorable. Nice work my friend, 😉


Now you can use this simple trick to fix your zipper pulls, and add cute leather tassels to everything! It’s so easy! Fix up your backpack, your duffel bag, your purse… Everything that was once rendered unusable by a broken zipper can be used again, and this time with extra flair.

How to Fix Zipper Pulls | Cute DIY Ideas

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