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10 Cute Recycle Soda Cans To DIY and Sell | DIY Projects

Declutter your life and earn a little profit while doing so with these cute recycle soda cans! Not only will you help yourself, you’ll also make Mother Nature proud.

Recycle Soda Cans That Will Delight Any DIYer

Any DIYer knows you can make extraordinary masterpieces out of the most mundane things. Recycled soda cans are a testament to that! Soda cans are manufactured in millions and have become so commonplace, we don’t realize the waste they become and how much space they take up. Thank goodness for projects that recycle soda cans! If you happen to be a DIYer with an inclination for chilled beverages, then this is a win-win situation for you. Try these amazing recycle soda cans and spread the joy by selling them!


1. Soda Can Flower Wall Art

The elite world of art may disagree, but we can recycle soda cans to make beautiful art. Just take this soda can flower wall art for example. Just be careful when making this project since it involves hand-cutting the soda cans.


2. Soda Can Tab Drop Light

Recycle Soda Cans

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

This recycled soda can project is simply breathtaking. Don’t fret: it looks difficult to make, but actually just requires some glue and your standard plastic lamp shade. This soda can tab pendant light also looks big but its size is cute enough to be brought to a fair and be sold!


3. Soda Can Lantern

Why spend money on expensive lanterns? If you know the basic method of slicing open soda cans, you can easily make this soda can lantern! The hack is using a screwdriver to push the sliced strips outward. I’m sure no one wants to spend their money on expensive lanterns too so do them a favor by selling these!


4. Soda Can Heart Earrings

If you want the world to know your love for soda, then this soda can heart earrings are for you! Easily one of the most adorable ways to recycle soda cans. No doubt they will sell because they complement almost any look!


5. Soda Pop Tab Ladybugs

Now you can encourage the kids to recycle soda cans with this project! It can easily be accomplished with soda can tabs and a marker. Sell these soda pop tab ladybugs to children and I assure you you’ll make their day!


6. Soda Can Candle Holder

Recycle Soda Cans

Recycle soda can for your art fair with this soda can candle holder! Just make a good petal template made of cardboard and use it to cut the soda can tin. Sell this candle holder for a little profit and make a DIYer happy!



7. Soda Can Keychain

You can recycle soda cans to help you and many others remember where your keys are! You can effortlessly make and sell this soda can keychain just by disassembling it using a regular can opener, and cutting heart shapes out of the tin.


8. Soda Can Vase

Somewhere out there, someone’s planning a party. You can help them out by making sure they spend all the extra money on food because recycled soda cans has their back! Make and sell this soda can vase by simply removing the top part of the can and using metallic spray paint.


9. Soda Can Flower Decors

Complete your party decoration with some soda can flower decors! Recycle soda cans and cut it to the shape you want. Wear protective gloves and finish the project with the spray paint of your choice!


10. Soda Can Cookie Cutters

Investing in bakeware can be quite expensive, so sell these soda can cookie cutters to aspiring bakers for a low price! Just borrow an original cookie cutter to use as a pattern for cutting the can. Tape the two edges together and voila! You’re ready to bake some cookies!


Watch this video from Awesome Ideas for more ideas for recycle soda cans:

Recycle soda cans and get your cash box ready because I have a feeling people will go crazy over these recycled soda can projects! Who knew recycling could be this fabulous and profitable! Now channel your inner DIYer and get to work. Remember, it’s recycle soda can, not recycle soda can’t!


Which of these recycle soda cans do you think will be a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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