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13 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Check out our list of the quickest and easiest DIY home projects you can make in an hour…or less.


DIY Home Projects: The Quick And Easy Ones


1.) DIY Rope in Fishbowl

Upgrade your foyer with this nautical inspired DIY decoration.



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2.) The Perfect Kitchen iPad Stand

A cutting board + one Scrabble tile holder = the perfect kitchen iPad stand! It's a great idea for when you're trying to follow a recipe!


3.) DIY Lego Kleenex Box

This DIY Lego Kleenex box will make any child's sick day so much better. Find out how to make it here.


4.) DIY Clothespins For Cables

Keep cables and cords from headphones and chargers detangled with the use of clothespins. 


5.) DIY Metallic Candles

Metallic duct tape will transform your candles in time for any party or get together.


6.) Embroidered Paper Bin

This DIY project only takes 40 minutes to “embroider” a wastebasket with pipe cleaners for an adorable look that works great in any kid's room.


7.) DIY Ombre Vase

Check out how to create this simple 10-minute DIY vase here.


8. Stencil Pallet Sign

Check out 13 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Projects at

Decorate your wall with this lovely easy DIY stencil pallet. Find the tutorial here.


9. Kitchen Menu Chalkboard

Write down menu items and reminders on this kitchen menu chalkboard. Tutorial here.


10. Framed Map

Check out 13 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Projects at

Create a gallery of framed maps for an instant home decor idea. Details here.


11. DIY Rope Vase

Check out 13 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Projects at

Follow this 15 minute tutorial for an instant rustic vase. Tutorial here.


12. Nesting Bowls

Here are super easy and chic nesting bowls to make. Find the tutorial here.


13. Gold Canvas

Find out how to create these simple painted canvases here.

Did you find your first EASY DIY project to make over the weekend? For more easy DIY Home Decor ideas, click here NOW!


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