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Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

Ombre is a huge trend in the beauty world. From hair to eyeshadow, you can ombre almost any part of your look. Now we’re bringing it home and into your interiors with these custom window drapes. Dip dye simple curtains to achieve this trendy, colorful look for any room in your home. Use any color to create a dramatic rush from light to dark in your window drapes. Let’s get started-


suppliesOmbre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

-Curtains (100% cotton). It’s important to find the cotton ones, because many other fabrics simply won’t hold a nice, even dye.
-Rit Dye. I found mine on, but it is also available from Michael’s Crafts, Joann Fabrics, or man local craft stores. Believe it or not, I used the color Cocoa Brown Chocolate to create a dusky pink shade. The secret is in how long you leave the fabric to soak.
-A large plastic tote.
-Rubber gloves.
-A bathtub or large sink.
-A washing machine and dryer.

Step 1

Follow the instructions on the back or your Rit Dye bottle to mix up a dye batch in your large plastic tub. Follow everything (hot water, dye-to-water ratio, etc.) Once your batch is made (I set mine in the bathtub and used the hottest bath water possible, measured out in gallons), it’s time to dip your fabric!

Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

I wanted mine to have three shades, each fading into one another, so the first dip was of the first two feet (approximately). I left that first dip sit in there for only about 5 minutes. The bottle says at least 30 minutes, but I didn’t want brown – I wanted soft, dusty pink! So dipping for much less time is the key. If you want the true color of your Rit Dye bottle, then follow the full length of soaking time instructed on the bottle.

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Then I let about 2 more feet down into the dye bath. I let that sit for about 2 minutes.

Then I let the last 2 feet down into the dye bath and let it sit for just about 60 seconds.

Step 2

Now it’s time to rinse! Rinse your fabric in the tub, using cold water, and let the water run down from the un-dyed fabric at the top to the bottom. If you rinse the whole thing at once, the dye will seep all over everything and the top will not stay light. If you want the top of your curtains to stay white, rinse the fabric until the water runs clear (that will take a while!) If you want a slight pink tinge to cover the very top of your curtains, rinse until the water runs nearly clear.

step_2Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains

Step 3

Now put your curtains into the washing machine, and wash according to the directions on your dye bottle.

Step 4

Once they come out of the dryer, run an iron over them to get them nice and smooth.

Step 5

Hang them up and enjoy the gorgeous splash of color that they will bring to your room!

Ombre Curtain Instructions | How To Dip Dye Window Curtains


And there you have it. Bringing a beauty trend into your decor is that easy. This pop of color will be a great addition to any room. Not to mention that you’ll have a one of a kind piece in your space. Let us know how it goes in the comments!


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  1. Avatarsharon says

    May 29, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    Has anybody died a cottom shower curtian? I saw one in a catolog problem was they wanted 99$ for it on sale!!!!!! yahl you betcha! I’ve read the other dip died articles. I want to use totally different colors like, puble, blue and a green. Rather abstract? Would like blotchy effect? email me [email protected] if you have a suggestion!!!!

  2. AvatarCassie says

    May 31, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Sharon, you can dye or tie dye anything 100% cotton. Pre-wash it. Make sure you let the dye sit on the item for as long as you can (over night if you want a deep color) and then rinse gently and put in dryer on high heat.. I would wash my shower curtain seperately before I used it since it will be getting wet. You don’t want to transfer color on your tub!
    I have fantastic tie dye sheets, pillow cases, undies, socks. lol. Got out of control. Just make sure it is 100% cotton.

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