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10 New Things That Every DIY-er Should Try in 2016

New year, new you! This year, why not push yourself as a DIY-er and try new things? 

10 New Things Every DIY-er Should Try

Many people see the New Year as a time to reinvent themselves or at least readjust their goals. We at DIY agree! It’s a great time to dream big and follow through.

Even if you don’t go where “no crafter has gone before,” you can still pick up a new hobby, sharpen an old one, share a project with your loved one or even use your craft expertise to earn some cash. The sky’s the limit. My personal resolution is to write better posts and try as many DIY projects as possible, to make this blog even better in the coming year!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your weapon of choice — whether it be glue gun, knitting needles, spatula — and get ready to rock 2016.

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 10 New Things That Every DIY-er Should Try in 2016

1. Create a vision board for your hopes, dreams and goals.

DIY Vision Board | 10 New Things Every DIY-er Should Try
image via DIY Projects

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. That’s why a vision board is so powerful. By making images that represent what you want to achieve readily visible, you are actually engaging in positive visualization every day without even realizing it! To truly get your year — and life! — on track, you should design an image to represent want you want and how you want to feel.  The finished board can feature magazine cutouts, inspirational phrases, trinkets and anything else you find inspiring. Learn more about the science behind vision boards here.


2. Grow a stunning rose garden and be the talk of the block.

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Nothing evokes new beginnings like a freshly bloomed rose! Growing a rose garden won’t just make your own yard POP!, it will bring color and energy to the whole neighborhood. Besides being great exercise, green-thumbed practitioners often note gardening’s soothing effects on the nerves. Lucky for us, this online course “Guide to Growing Roses” from trusted craft education network Craftsy, will teach you the basics of growing a rose garden, including simple techniques for planting, pruning and pest control.


3. Start a scrapbook & preserve all those precious memories.

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Let’s face it, as much as we try, it’s impossible to remember everything about the special moments in our life. Yes, even social media fails to account for everything! As we embark on a new year, start a scrapbook and stop losing all the precious details that inevitably fade in our cluttered minds, A DIY scrapbook is an excellent way to jog your memory months, years, even decades down the line. Get inspired with these 21 DIY scrapbook ideas.


4. Start a cake business.

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Are your friends always fawning over your decadent desserts? Are you always volunteering to make a cake (or three) for special occasions?  Whether you’re looking to transition out of your day job or take on something more part-time, running a successful cake business is not as impossible as you might think. Stop dreaming and start caking! Craftsy has you covered. Its course, “How to Start Your Cake Business,” helmed by business consultant Michelle Green takes you through the whole process — from coming up with a mission statement to securing startup funds to preparing your first orders.

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 5. Give yourself a makeover.

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It’s a New Year, why not try a new look? Take the DIY route and you’ll  avoid steep fees from stylists and high-end designers. Click here to check out 36 amazing beauty hacks that will have you looking your best in no time. If it’s your wardrobe that needs an overhaul, check out these totally unique DIY clothing ideas.


6. Make a romantic dinner for two — from scratch.

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There’s no DIY skill that brings people together quite like cooking. Every special occasion calls for a special meal to match; even casual get-togethers usually require some kind of snack.  Try putting together a phenomenal completely home cooked meal for either your significant other or a friend you just feel like spoiling. You’re dinner partner will be delighted and you’ll sharpen one of the most powerful DIY tools to have in your arsenal.  Adapt these recipes for any dinner occasion.


7. Make a quilt with your mother (or daughter)!

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In this fast-paced age, we rarely get to spend enough time with the ones we hold the most dear. So why not use the magic of crafting to connect with your mom, daughter or another loved one? Quilting has been a traditional mother-daughter craft since America was just a baby country. Starting quilting now, and it may become your family tradition for years to come. This online quilting course from our friends at Craftsy will teach you everything you need to know to start making totally unique quilts with your mom or daughter.


8. Learn how to crochet and make everyone you know crocheted Christmas gifts.

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I know what you’re thinking: this one is jumping the gun! But there’s logic to the over-planning. If you start learning a skill now, you should be advanced enough to start making great gifts for your friends and family — without spending a month on each hat or scarf! Craftsy again saves the day with a wonderful class on crochet basics for beginners just like you.


9. That DIY project you’ve been putting off — you know the one.

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Every crafter has a DIY project they really want to do, but feel like they’re not ready for. Or they don’t have the time. Or the money. Or they’ll do it…next month. This year, can the excuses and figure out a way to make the DIY project of your dreams come true. This might entail reorganizing your schedule to free up time, finding a more cost-effective approach  or simply overcoming inertia. Whatever you have to do, do it! There’s few things more fulfilling than achieving the seemingly impossible.


10. Make a planner (& have more time for all your DIY projects)!

Almost everyone can benefit from better time management. Sometimes you think you’re short on time, but you’re actually just managing the time you do have poorly. (No shame; we’ve all been there.)  But if you really want to have time to pursue all your dreams (and dream DIY projects), you really need to start living a more timely life. The first step on your path to organization: make a planner to fit your specifcations so that you actually look forward to using it. Need inspiration? Check out this DIY planner tutorial here.



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