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3 Most & Least Regretted DIY Home Improvement Projects

3 Most and Least Regretted DIY Home Improvement Projects

With the help of DIY tutorials, it’s possible to complete nearly any home improvement project without the help of a hired professional. While DIY home improvement projects can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful, they have the potential to save you money and allow you to really personalize your home. It should come as no surprise that more than three quarters of homeowners reported completing a DIY project in the last three years. However, nearly 40 percent of those homeowners also reported wishing they hadn’t gone the DIY route.

If you’re planning a home renovation or deciding which projects to outsource, consider which ones homeowners reported most and least regretted doing themselves.

Most Regretted DIY Projects

1. Adding/Expanding a Room

The most regretted DIY project among homeowners was adding or expanding a room within their house; approximately 53 percent of homeowners reported DIY regret. This high figure may be partially explained by the fact that 42 percent of room additions or expansions completed by homeowners were over budget. With such a high likelihood of going over budget, plus the time commitment required to build out a new room, it’s unsurprising that many homeowners wished they’d taken a different approach.


2. Refinishing Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry

The second most regretted home improvement project was refinishing cabinetry. Just under half of homeowners who refinished their own kitchen or bath cabinetry expressed regret. While a fresh coat of paint or refacing cabinets with laminate veneer can update the look of your cabinetry, the task often is more time intensive and complicated than it initially appears. The cabinet doors typically need to be unhinged and completely removed, then the entire cabinet (including the door) has to be emptied, sanded and painted/veneered before the door is then reattached.


3. Refinishing Basement or Attic

Falling right behind cabinetry, refinishing a basement or attic was the third most regretted DIY project among homeowners. Forty-eight percent of the surveyed homeowners expressed regret about their decision to DIY their basement or attic refinishing and 23 percent said their project went over budget. Interestingly, 23 percent of homeowners who hired a professional for the same task also went over budget, indicating that homeowner regret might be arising from the time commitment or work involved in doing the project themselves, not necessarily just the end cost.

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Least Regretted DIY Projects

1. Replacing lighting fixtures

Homeowners reported the least DIY regret over replacing their own light fixtures and less than 7 percent went over budget. If you’ve been contemplating new lighting options to update the look of a room in your home, DIYing appears to be the way to go. Homeowners who hired a professional to replace their lighting fixtures actually went over budget more of the time than if they just did it themselves.


2. Replacing Cabinet Hardware

Less than a fifth of homeowners regretted replacing their own kitchen and bath cabinet hardware. This might be attributed to the fact that the task is not time intensive and can easily be done room-by-room without causing any major disruptions to your living space. Plus, 13 percent of homeowners reported that their project went over budget when they worked with a hired professional as opposed to DIYers who only went over budget 7 percent of the time.


3. Painting

Interior painting also made the list of least regretted DIY projects. Only 18 percent of homeowners regretted painting one or more room of their house themselves. Additionally, only 5 percent of the DIYers went over budget, signaling that interior painting is a manageable DIY task both in terms of budgeting and execution.

While not all projects readily lend themselves to DIY’ing, it can still be fun to take on a challenge and learn a new skill or two in the process. Just pick and choose wisely so you don’t wind up with do-it-yourself regret.


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