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12 Cool DIY Metal Stamping Projects & Ideas

Easy Metal Stamped Jewelry

Are you into the art of metal stamping? Have you ever looked into making your own metal stamped jewelry? Whether you own your own etsy shop, or you just like making jewelry in your free time – this is the DIY project for you! Check out DIY metal stamping ow to make awesome metal stamped spoons, cuffs, bracelets, and so much more with your very own metal stamping kit! There are so many cool projects that you can make! The holidays are approaching quickly. If you’re a last minute gift buyer – then you’re going to love making metal stamped jewelry. You can create quick and easy jewelry pieces and spend little to nothing on supplies. All you need to do is head over to your local craft store and pick up some metal plates or grab some old rusty spoons at Goodwill! Check out the awesome things you can make using a metal stamper below!

12 Cool Metal Stamping DIY Projects and Ideas

Here’s our roundup of some of the coolest metal stamped jewelry projects on the web. Are you excited? We are too.

1. Hand Stamped Silver Bracelet Cuff 

Check how to personalize your own silver plated bracelet cuff with this quick and easy DIY metal stamping tutorial.


2. Make Your Own Scrap Metal Necklace

Do you love the idea of making necklaces? Check out what this DIY’er did!

via my altered state


3. Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

We just love the idea of mixing metal and leather. This bracelet has the perfect amount of rustic feel to it. The brown leather and brass metal stamped plate makes it the perfect fall piece. Head over to the blog below to see how it’s done!

via sometimes homemade


4. Make Some Metal Stamped Spoons

These metal stamped spoons are definitely a convenient mix of country and rock and roll. Head over to our friends at eclectically vintage to see how it’s done!

via eclectically vintage


5. Make A Metal Monogram Necklace

Check out 12 Cool DIY Metal Stamping Projects & Ideas at

We’re so happy we stumbled across this lovely blog! What a cute name. If you’re interested in making some of these awesome hand stamped monogram necklaces – head over to shrimp salad circus for all the details.

via shrimp salad circus.


6. DIY Stamped Pendant & Key Charm Necklace

We just love brass keys here at DIY Projects! All the more reason to feature this wonderful brass key necklace. We’re glad we stumbled across it! Interested in seeing how it’s done? Head over to Handmade In The Heartland to watch this little gem come to life!

via handmade in the heartland


7. “BE THE CHANGE” Stamped Penny Necklace

That is all. How amazing are these. We’re all over it.

via Katheryn Riechert for Etsy



8. MEOW necklace

Check out 12 Cool DIY Metal Stamping Projects & Ideas at

Check out this super cool necklace from one of our favorite DIY blogs!

via a beautiful mess 


DIY Jewelry | Free Bracelet Offer | DIY Projects

9. Rustic Hand Stamped Copper Garden Markers That Will Jazz Up Your Garden

Is gardening one of your favorite pastimes? Check out how to spice up your garden (pun intended) with these ever so clever garden markers!

via e how


10. Hand Stamped Copper Cuff

Okay…okay… so we’re featuring this one for the saying. This is pretty awesome! Who doesn’t like unicorns?

via happy hour projects


11. More Amazing Spoons…

Holiday Ornament Idea: Engraved Antique Spoons!

Check out 12 Cool DIY Metal Stamping Projects & Ideas at

These are just in time for the holidays!

via apartment therapy.


12. One More Awesome Pendant Necklace…

Check out this sweet message from our friends over at A Harvest Of Blessing…

via A Harvest Of Blessing


What do you think of our metal DIY projects post? We appreciate your feedback and take into consideration everything that you suggest. Have some other cool metal stamped projects you’ve tested out yourself? Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below and we will certainly add them to our list.

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