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How To Bake Cake in a Jar

This may just be the easiest cake I ever made!  What’s not to love about this super easy mason jar cake recipe? Quick, delicious and as creative as you want it to be since you get to decide what kind of fruit to put in it. No mixing required! These single-serving DIY mason jar cakes are baked and served right in the jar itself. It is like a parfait style cake you have to layer, but much, much easier to make. Plus, it is in a mason jar. Who knew?

Easy Bake Cake in a Mason Jar (or any jar)

Want to learn how to bake cake in a jar? Check out this cool video tutorial to see how easy it is to make these layers of delicious fruit cake-filled mason jars that the whole family is going to love! Just mix up some simple ingredients, pour right in your mason jars, put them in the oven and wait for your fabulously easy dessert masterpieces.


I have to warn you before you go and make this recipe, that you are going to end up with not one, but four, of these cakes. Single serve cakes that are perfect for one person to eat…. I put mine in the fridge after baking and ended up having one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack the next day. So be prepared to hide them from yourself if you need to.

Check out the cake making hack everyone’s talking about:

If you have slightly damaged fruits, this recipe is also perfect to make use of them. All you have to do is discard the part you don’t want. This recipe uses cherries and strawberries but you can also make use of whatever fruit is in season .(This is a great recipe for those overly brown bananas you hate to throw away.)


  1. Your recipe for cake in a jar was an excellent idea, and I would like to make it. Do you have a transcript? I am trying to get by on a 1998 pension, and the costs for all that ink and paper would be a frivolous expense to my present financial situation. Thanx.

  2. Has anyone made these yet? Is the baking for one hour accurate? It seems like such little “batter” to bake for an hour. Please post if you have had success with this recipe. Thank you.

  3. PLEASE note that if you bake in your jars you should NOT can in them. Baking is completely different and completely NOT recommended by the jar manufacturers. The temperatures used for baking are higher than for canning and you will damage your jars. DO NOT CAN in jars you have baked in.

  4. Mason jars are not suitable for baking – the glass is not tempered and so would be unpredictable in the oven, and could easily shatter. The manufacturers of the jars advise against it.

  5. so here it does not state what to do with the heavy whip cream I am in the middle of this and do you put it in if so how much per jar?????? need asap answer

    • Hi Tamela! Whipped cream is optional. You can put as much as you want on each jar ( be careful with the calories though 🙂 ) Delish!! Let us know how it went. Enjoy!


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