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How to Make Wire Jewelry | Types Beads for Wire Wrapping

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping 101

Lesson 11 – Types of Beads for Wire Wrapping

Beads and other decorative elements are a fun way to add extra color and flair to your wire jewelry. The possibilities of what beads, or stones, or even crystals you can use are endless when it comes to wire wrapping. Here are just a few ideas of beads for wire wrapping to get you started. Fun hint: Look for cool natural elements when you’re out hiking or at the beach. Finding beads for wire wrapping in the wild is a fun way to make your project even more unique.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Where to find the best beads for wire wrapping
  • What type of beads, gems, or stones to look for
  • How you can grow your own crystals for your jewelry


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