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Easy Applique Designs | How to Make a Felt Flower Pillow

how to make a flower applique

How to Make Curtains & Pillows | Home Makeover Tutorial

Project 4 – Easy Applique Designs | How to Make Felt Flower Pillow

Make a Beautiful Felt Dahlia Pillow with Applique Designs

This project will show you how you can take something as simple as felt, to create your own amazing 3D elements on pillows, curtains, and more! The idea here is stolen from the appliqué style, but we use super glue as a quick fix for long lasting results!

Watch the videos below, and keep scrolling for the step-by-step breakdown.

Felt Applique Part 1:
Felt Applique Part 2:

Here we take a basic petal shape, and turn it into a dahlia. Follow along and make your own gorgeous felt flower pillow, perfect for spring to give as a gift to a bridal shower, or decorate your own home with fresh flowers that won’t wilt!

You can use the same idea to create any kind of 3D element on pillows. Simple shapes can become so much more when layered together. Plus, these guys can be stitched or glued on for easy stay-power. A quick search of felt applique pillow will fill you with ideas!

Easy DIY Felt Flower Applique Pillow

Here we’ve cutup our video to provide you with step by step instructions, keep scrolling and follow along with Lisa as she walks you through making your own felt flower pillow made form applique designs!

Step 1 – Gather Supplies

Easy DIY Felt Flower Applique Pillow

You will need:

  • pillow case & pillow
  • felt
  • cardstock
  • glue gun
  • scissors

Step 2 – Felt Petals

Easy DIY Felt Flower Applique Pillow

Cut out a petal shape from an old cereal box, or card stock. Cut out a large size (about 2″) and a small size (about 1.5″). Use your scissors or a rotary blade to cut out the petal shapes form the felt.

Step 3 – Shape the Dahlia

How to Make a Pillow Felt Applique Flower

Layout your large petals in a circle onto the pillow cover. Start with about 8, then fill in the gaps. Glue them down at the base with your glue gun as you build each row. *tip, stick a magazine inside the pillow while you work to protect the backside of the pillow while you work.

Step 4 – Glue Petals Down

How to Make a Pillow Felt Applique Flower

Repeat the process with a second layer of large circles. This time they will be closer together. Keep them equal distance apart for flower-like symmetry.

Step 5 – Add Layers

How to Make a Pillow Felt Applique Flower

Add your small petals in a third or fourth tier. You will have some left over.

Step 6  – Make Sure Petals are Symmetrical

How to Make a Pillow Felt Applique Flower

Your final tier will have 5 small petals overlapping and meeting at the center.

Step 7 – Finish Felt Flower

How to Make a Pillow Felt Applique Flower

Glue 3 small circles grouped at the center to add a finishing touch.

Step 8 – Flower Applique

Stuff your pillow back into the pillowcase, zip it up, and enjoy!

Easy DIY Felt Flower Applique Pillow

Scroll back  up to watch the pillow making videos for even more tips and tricks!

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How did your Felt Applique Pillow turn out? We would love to see your pictures! Share with us here in the comments, or on facebook! Links below.

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This is Project 4 of our How to Make Curtains & Pillows: Easy Applique Designs: How to Make a Felt Flower Pillow | Embellished Curtains & Pillows. It’s part of our free Home Makeover Tutorials package! We want you to be able to fill your homes with amazing handmade diy crafts that you know how to sew yourselves! Our hope is that these sewing patterns and ideas inspire you to redecorate your living space and ultimately create your dream home! Imagine a personalized stylish home decorated exactly to your liking. Come home happy and enjoy the accomplished feeling of “I made this.” Here at DIY Projects we love inspiring dreams, and encouraging craftiness in all aspects of life. Be sure to subscribe to our social medias to stay connected on all things made by hand! Join us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.


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