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Learn How to Make Curtains & Pillows with This Video Sewing Course!

learn how to make curtains and give your home a makeover with this DIY tutorial

how to make curtains and pillows | Best online course to makeover your home on a budget! Check it out at

Hey diy-ers, you’ve just stumbled upon a very, very lucky find! But before I reveal the big surprise, let me ask you this… Have you ever wanted to customize the look of your home to reflect the ones you see in magazines, or the ones you pin on Pinterest? Have you ever thought, “wow that living room is so gorgeous, I wonder where I can get those drapes!” Well look no further! Here we’ve provided you with an entire online course for home decorating. More specifically, we show you how to make your own curtains and pillows so you can decorate your beautiful home exactly to your taste and style preferences!

Follow along and start learning how you can make your home look amazing on a budget.

How to Make Curtains

Sewing For the Home Course

Design your own curtains and pillows with this online sewing course! Check it out at

Being able to create home decor is like a gift that keeps on giving. Pillows and curtains are easy to make, and a brilliant way to brighten up a space. Furniture doesn’t necessarily change through the seasons, but the decorations can! Once you know how to create your own curtains and pillows, you’ll be prepared for a full-home makeover whenever you feel the inclination!

Below you will find tutorials for re-decorating the home with your customized curtains and pillows, from start to finish. You’ll begin with familiarizing yourself with options and styles, then we’ll go over sewing basics. Once you’ve got a solid foundation, we will walk you through some simple projects, and finish with more advanced ways to embellish your curtains and your pillows. You’ll also learn how to hang them properly on your wall, and how to make different curtain headings.

There’s a lot to learn, the first step is hitting play!


Follow along with interior designer extraordinaire, Lisa Loperfido, as she shares her sewing and decorating knowledge with you.

Have questions? Ask us in the comments as you go! Want to share snaps of your work? Post it on our DIY Projects facebook page, or tag us on instagram @DIY Projectsofficial and twitter! @DIY Projects. And now, our first project – a BONUS PROJECT!



*How to Make No Sew Burlap Curtains*

Before we dive into the lessons, we have a bonus project for you! Want to get new curtains fast? Want to make curtains in your dream fabric, but don’t know how to sew? This project features how to make no-sew curtains. That’s right, this diy tutorial features how to fix up your curtain fabric so it hangs nicely, no sewing required!

All you have to do is buy the fabric and the magic ingredient: hem tape. Hit the play button to get started.

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to start your home makeover, we’re going go back and learn how to make curtains and pillows, from the beginning. Click through to each of our lessons to gain a solid understanding of how you can add a homemade personal touch to your home with our free easy-to-follow and money-saving tutorials!


Let the lessons begin…

How to Make Curtains | Lesson 1

Home Decorating Ideas, Finding Your Style

For your first lesson, we will go how to find the right looks for your home. Maybe you already have something in mind, maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start. Find your design inspiration and use it as a style guide when deciding what your homemade curtains and pillows are going to look like.

lesson_1 How to Make Curtains 10



How to Make Curtains | Lesson 2

Types of Curtains

Curtains come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. In fact, they even have different names. Did you know curtains and drapes are two separate things? Though arguably the same in modern context, a drape describes a decorative and heavy-weight curtain used for warmth, while a curtain describes lighter fabric that hangs to shade light, divide space, and decorate a room. Both window treatments can serve as a practical and decorative element for the home.



How to Make Curtains | Lesson 3

Types of Decorative Pillows:  A History

Here we have an exciting and informative segment on pillows, a brief lesson on their use throughout history. The best part is, you’ll learn how to make high quality pillows for a much cheaper cost than store bought pillows. Start collecting ideas from online and in stores so you’ll know what kind of pillow to customize for your home!



How to Make Curtains | Lesson 4

Fabric Color Theory: Warm vs. Cool Colors

When it comes to making curtains, fabric choice is EVERYTHING! Since you get to customize the style, you have the freedom to shift this fabric into any kind of curtain you want. So what’s it going to be? What color are you going to choose? What texture or pattern are you going to beautify your windows and walls with? This lesson will offer advice on choosing the right fabric colors. This is especially helpful to create a harmonious looking home. Knowing what to choose is just as important as knowing what not to choose, so follow along and take notes! The wonderful world of color has a lot more to it than you might think.

How to Make Curtains | Lesson 5

When to Use What Type of Textile Fabric

In the previous lesson you decided what color fabric will be best in your home. Now it’s time to decide what type of fabric to buy! Textiles vary in texture, shape and cost. As you look around at the fabric around you, you’ll realize there’s velvet, plush, linen, cotton, silk, polyester, and then there’s blends of everything in between. For beginners, I recommend working with a nice woven cotton. This is basically a linen, and very easy to work with while sewing. Ask your store clerk for help if you’re having trouble deciphering the fabrics, or if you want some one-on-one advice for choosing the best fabric for your home. Remember to keep window location, budget, pets, and desired end use in mind.

lesson_5 How to Make Curtains 14


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 6

How to Care For Your Fabric

In this lesson we will discuss how to care for and treat the curtains and pillows in your home. Curtains can collect dirt easily if you plan on having them near open windows or pet doors. Try to buy washable fabric if possible. Spot treatment is also a possibility. Here’s some advice on how to get the dirt off of your curtains and pillows. Keeping a clean home, free from dust and clutter is another way to achieve a beautiful harmonious environment. Fabric may hide dust well, but that is no excuse to neglect it!



How to Make Curtains | Lesson 7

How to Hang Curtains on a Window

In this lesson you will learn a very important rule of thumb for hanging curtains. You need to learn how to hang curtains properly, in order to open up the room and enhance the home. This expert’s trick will dramatically impact the overall look making your home look bigger and more spacious, and your guests will be none-the-wiser. Watch the video to find out how.

lesson_7 How to Make Curtains 15


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 8

How to Calculate Fabric Yardage for Curtains

Measuring your fabric for curtains is a tad bit trickier than it looks. Never fear! We’ve created an equation you can use to calculate your yardage. Click the video below to learn how, or input your numerals into our interactive equation – follow this link for details!

lesson_8 How to Make Curtains 17


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 9

How Much Fabric to Cut for Pillow

As part of our curtain making course, we really can’t forget about pillows. Both are so simple to make, and are so simple to change out based on your mood, season, or wherever your decorating spirits may lead you. Just like with the curtain, think about the preferred colors, textures, patterns, etc. Once you’ve got that down, you must measure the size of your pillow, and buy the right fabric accordingly. Follow along with the video for the how-to on measuring.

lesson_8. How to Make Curtains 16


How to Make Curtains | Project 1

How to Sew a Pillow

It’s time to make our first project of this How to make a curtain series. We will actually start with the pillow, just since they’re smaller and less of a time commitment. I want you to have a great experience sewing this pillow so you can truly see how simple the process is! Trust me, it will take you under 30 minutes.

lesson_9 How to Make Curtains 18


How to Make Curtains | Project 2

How to Sew Curtains

You’ve mastered the no-sew curtain, you’ve mastered the pillow, (if you’re following along in our free home decorating course) which leaves us to our next stop: How to Sew Curtains!

Sewing curtains is one of the easiest things ever. It’s just a matter of sewing in a straight line on the correct size. To be quite honest, the most complicated part is figuring out how much fabric to cut for your curtains, which we went over in (this tutorial here). Once you’ve got your fabric all ready to go, follow along with the video for this easy curtain making tutorial!

curtain_2.1 How to Make Curtains 03


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 10

Curtain Headings: Rod Pocket

The is the first of four lessons on Curtain Headings. Curtain Headings are what we call the top part of your curtain, the part that hangs on a rod. Curtain headings come in various styles. Choose one that best matches the desired need or look for your home. Or, ignore the curtain heading altogether and cover it up with a valance. The simplest of curtain headings is the rod pocket, which we will make in this video.

curtains How to Make Curtains 05


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 11

Curtain Headings: Clips

This is part 2 of 4 in our curtain headings portion of the how to make curtains course. In this video, we will discuss how to add clips to your curtains for easy hanging. You can attach the clips onto the curtain in different ways for different looks, follow along for some excellent home decorating ideas.

leson_11 How to Make Curtains 09


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 12

Curtain Headings: Grommets

This is part 3 of 4 in our curtain headings portion of the how to make curtains course. In this video, we will discuss how to add grommets to your curtains. Grommets are a modern approach to curtain headings. They can have a very sleek look and minimalistic allowing the curtain to fall straight to the ground with no ruffling.

lesson_12 How to Make Curtains 20


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 13

Curtain Headings: Tab Tops

This is part 4 of 4 in our curtain headings portion of the how to make curtains course. In this video, we will discuss how to create tab top curtain headings. The tab top is also a simple go-to option when looking for a simple look. The tab top allows the curtain to be drawn open and closed easily, as there is much less bulk to prevent it from closing as with the rod pocket. It also does not require the addition of any extra materials, as it is made from fabric – optionally, the same fabric you make your curtain with.

lesson_13 How to Make Curtains 21


How to Make Curtains | Project 3

How to Add Trim and Piping on Pillows

Adding trim to your pillow is a wonderful way to brighten it up, add character, or make it look like a million bucks. (Maybe not a million, but it will make it look more expensive than a trim-less pillow). Find some piping, lace or trim that you really like, a basic piping cord such as this in the demo is a very good place to start.

project_3.1 How to Make Curtains 38


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 14

Embellish – Embroidery French Knot

Adding texture to a pillow, curtain, dish towel, or really any home accessory made of fabric, is a wonderful way of making it more valuable and interesting to look at. Embroidery may take time, but with the TV on, or a great conversation flowing, time will pass by with ease and a wonderful product will become of these patient stitches.

lesson_14 How to Make Curtains 22

Learn to embroider and design your own pillows! Excellent tutorial at


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 15

Embellish – Embroidery Chain Stitch

The chain stitch is an embroidery must-know. Once you’ve mastered it, (which is very simple – we promise), than you’ll be chain stitching everything. It adds a good solid outline and 3d element to anything you choose. Outline a pattern, freehand a shape, or use it to spell something out, the stitch is mightier than the sword. 😉

lesson_15 How to Make Curtains 23


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 16

Embellish – Stenciling

Learn to stencil for endless decorating fun. Once you know how to stencil, you can create flawless customized designs on all of your pillows and curtains forever and ever. This is extremely beneficial for several reasons. You can save money, because you can buy a solid fabric and create your own pattern. You can customize your work, giving your home an ideal unique touch. You can show off, who wouldn’t want beautiful custom handmade curtains or pillows? Follow along with our stenciling tutorial, with a special guest appearance from master crafter, Stephanie Shaw. She’s popped in to show us how to stencil on fabric, this lesson is also part of our stenciling course (coming soon) on DIY Projects!

lesson_16 How to Make Curtains 24

Learn to stencil and design your own pillows! Excellent tutorial at


How to Make Curtains | Project 4

Easy Felt Applique Flower Pillow

This project will show you how you can take something as simple as felt, to create your own amazing 3D elements on pillows, curtains, and more! The idea here is stolen from the appliqué style, but we use super glue as a quick fix for long lasting results!

project_4 How to Make Curtains 39

Learn to make felt applique patterns and design your own pillows! Excellent tutorial at


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 17

Sewing Lined Curtains

Lining comes in handy for several purposes. Lining can make a curtain thicker, to trap in heat and warm the home. Lining can make the current less see-through, to help shade the home to keep it cool. Lining can also protect the current acting as an extra barrier between a window and the front facing fabric and into the rest of the room. Lining is also good for delicate materials such as silk or velvet, to protect the fabrics, and make them sturdier. In fact, unless you want sheer curtains, or the material you chose is already rather thick, lining your curtains is almost always a good idea. Here’s how:

lesson_17 How to Make Curtains 25


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 18

Sewing Striped Curtains

This is part 2 of 3, of our lessons on how to stylize curtains. This tutorial will show you how you can use different fabrics together to form a color blocked curtain panel, and even a striped curtain panel. Color blocking is a cool way to add drama to a room. Get creative, use it to add pops of color, use it to bring the eye up or down, or use it with your fabric scraps to utilize what would have been wasteful material. Here’s how.

lesson_18 How to Make Curtains 26


How to Make Curtains | Lesson 19

Sewing Ruffles

This is part 3 of 3, of our lessons on how to stylize curtains. This technique features how to make ruffles. Making ruffles is a very practical sewing skill to know for any sort of project. Here we will learn the skill, and next up we have our final project which will use this ruffle technique to make an amazing curtain. Keep watching to find out how!

The ruffle technique is simple to master with a gentle and steady hand. Be patient and mind your pieces of thread, and you’ll be making gorgeous ruffled fabric in no time!

lesson_19 How to Make Curtains 27


How to Make Curtains | Project 5

Sew a Ruffle Shower Curtain

It’s time for our very final project! This one is our absolute favorite, so I guess you could say we saved the best for last! This project has been inspired by the Flamenco shower curtain sold at Anthropologie. It’s become quite a favorite on the internet, but is over $100, and almost always sold out! Here’s a way you can get the same look, but with the colors of your own choice! This ruffled curtain technique makes a great curtain for the home, the shower, or even spread out and used as a bedspread!

project_5 How to Make Curtains 40


Learn to make ruffle curtains and design your own decor! Excellent tutorial at

How to Make Curtains | Conclusion

You’ve now reached the end of How To Make Curtains Course. Congratulations! Are you busy planning your total home revamp? Now that you know how to sew, and understand basic techniques that go into pillow decoration, and curtain making, you can create decorations that are uniquely yours, that will enhance your space. You can even start giving homemade pillows as gifts, or sell them for profit!

pillow_1.3 How to Make Curtains 33

That’s a wrap!

We hope that we’ve inspired you to get creative and start seeking out new ideas to make the beautiful home goods that people typically buy. In the vein of DIY, we always prefer handmade to store bought – and now that this course has been completed you’ve got the skills to go out there and do it too!

If you have any lingering questions, or want some feedback, feel free to ask in the comments below. We would also LOVE to see how your own projects are coming along. Share with us on facebook, on instagram, or on twitter!

Be sure to come back to our site for even more amazing sewing and craft tutorials, tips & tricks, life hacks, and more! AND subscribe to our social medias to stay connected on all things made by hand! Join us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.

Happy crafting!

– Lisa Loperfido & The DIY Projects Team!

The more you sew, the more you know.


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