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Video Tutorial | How To Make Your Own Cool Bottle Opener

Have you thought about making something very useful that you can use almost everyday?  You might forget about buying a bottle opener after knowing how easy it is to make.  It’s not like this piece of equipment is expensive to buy in stores, but being able to create something out of the simplest materials and producing a unique design is quite fulfilling.

Video Tutorial | How To Make Your Own Cool Bottle Opener

You can make a wooden bottle opener out of just about anything.  There are lighters, rings, shell casings, hats, sandals, that work just fine.  However, making your own bottle opener is a fun project, and a handmade one is sure to impress your family and friends every time.  This video shows how to make an elegant bottle opener made of wood and nail.  Forget about complicated woodwork and ready those simple tools that you can utilize to start this very cool DIY project.

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