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Lightbulb Guide | Choosing The Best Lightbulbs For Your Home [Infographic]

Does your home look a bit gloomy? With the proper lightbulb, you can definitely lighten it up!

Lightbulb Guide | Choosing The Best Lightbulbs For Your Home [Infographic]

When planning a lighting project, it’s important to get tips for choosing the best lighting products to meet your needs, be familiar with common lighting terms, and to know the different light bulb types and find out how to read light bulb packaging. Check room by room to find out what types of lightbulbs, and lighting fixtures work best for every room in the house.

Remember poor lighting can cause numerous problems such as insufficient light (not enough or too little light for the need), glare (too much light for the need), unsuitable contrast, poorly distributed light and flicker. This would affect the functionality of every room and will make you spend more.

Kudos to the guys from who have come up with this very helpful infographic. It provides detailed ideas about bulb shapes, types, fittings, life spans, thus, this will help you in decision making on your next lighting renovation. Check it out below.

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What Bulb Do I Need?

From energy saving bulbs to LEDs and bayonets to bi-pins, often choose the correct light bulbs for your home can be more complicated than changing them. That’s why we’ve created this handy “how to” guide packed with information on the different kinds of light bulbs available. You’ll know your watts from your lumens and be an expert on Edison screws in no time…

Lightbulb Shapes

Check out Lightbulb Guide | Choosing The Best Lightbulbs For Your Home [Infographic] at

The most common incandescent light bulb shapes around the home are globe, appliance, and decorative candle or flame.

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Lightbulb Fittings

If the bulb name begins with a B or E it is most likely referring to the fitting. Bayonet(B) and Edison (E) fittings are popular as are pins and twist locks.

Specialist Fittings

For directional spotlights, bathroom minor lights and unusual light fittings, you may need something a little different from the standard lightbulb… You’ll find longer more odd shaped bulbs if this is the case. See infographic.

Lightbulb Life Spans

Compact flourescent (CFs) 8,000 to 10,000 hours

Light emitting diode (LED) 30,000 to 80,000 hours

Incandescent 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

Lightbulb Terms To Know:


The amount of light emitted by the bulb – more lumens means more brightness!


The amount of energy acquired to power a bulb to its quantified brightness


The size is the number next to the bulb and thelarger the number the bigger the bulb. Letters refer to the base type and numbers refer to diameter of base.


The color is shown by the letter.

C for Cool. W for warm. WW warm white. CW cool white. D for Daylight. IF for Incandescent Flourescent. N for Natural White and also clear, pearl finish.


What kind of bulb does your home need?! Let us know what you think about this in the comments below!


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