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How to Protect Kids and Teens from Online Dangers

The online world carries innumerable risks for teens and tweens that include cyber bullying, online child predation and scamming among others. The studies confirm that younger children spend most of their waking hours remaining stick to the online platforms. From social media sites to gaming and dating apps, they seem more dedicated to these digital technologies than anything else in their lives. The unmonitored and needless online presence can expose kids to several potential dangers which can put negative influence on their mental and psychological health. This article discusses what the most common online dangers are and how parents can protect their children from these endangerments.

Most Common Online Dangers

While the online world is full of vulnerabilities, there are a few most common online threats effecting millions of the internet users. We have discussed here the most common and dangerous online threats badly influencing lives of teens and tweens.

Online Bullying

The online bullying or harassment is the most common online threat which has affected millions of younger children and even adults. The bullies use online platforms such as social media apps, instant messengers, chat-rooms, blogs and emails to frequently tease, harass, humiliate and offend the target. The negative or humiliating comments on photos and videos posted by social media users are best example of cyber bullying. The unstopped bullying can cause the victim to suffer from depression, anxiety, fear and even suicidal thoughts.

Online Child Predation

The predators victimize teenage girls and boys to produce sexually explicit photos and videos. They use social media platforms to gather information about the target such as her liking, habits, routines and contact information. Once the target gets trapped by the predator, they start exploiting her for sexual purposes.


There are number of scammers and cat-fishers in the online world who hide their identities to trap the target. They provide false information to the target and take monetary advantage.

How to Protect Kids from Online Dangers

A few simple practices can help protect children from the online dangers. Talk to your kids and inform them about the common online risks. Educate them about how they can deal with scoundrels in the online and offline world.

Educate Kids about Online Dangers

The most important thing is education about the online risks. Make sure your kids are aware of the ways bullies and predators trap the victim. Have frequent discussions with them about the potential dangers in the online and offline world. This discussion will encourage them to share their negative experiences with you, so you can provide required assistance.

Make Rules for the Online World

There must be certain rules and regulations regarding the use of online platforms. For example, your kids must not be allowed to use age-inappropriate apps. There must be time limit for the usage of the internet, mobile phones or computers. You can seek help from the internet to get ideas for rules regarding the usage of the internet and other digital technologies.

Role of Child Monitoring & Parental Control App

Parental control and mobile monitoring apps provide great support in keeping tabs on kids’ online and offline activities. Once you install the app on the smartphone of your teen, you can remotely and secretly monitor activities performed on that phone. There are a few reliable mobile monitoring and parental control apps such as TheOneSpy and Net Nanny. Given are the features of  TheOneSpy android spy app that let you protect your kids from the online dangers.

Supervise Usage of Social Media Apps

The cell phone tracker app lets you supervise activities performed on popular social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. You can monitor your kids’ chats and posts to ensure there is not any bullying stuff.

Monitor Usage of Dating Apps

If your teens are using dating app like Tinder, the cell phone tracker app lets you know about it. It also keeps you updated about your kid’s activities on the dating app. You can read conversations and get information about dating preferences and friend list of your younger son or daughter. This helps protect your offspring from predators and sex offenders.

Track Activities Performed via Instant Messengers

The activities performed on instant messengers can be monitored with the help of cell phone surveillance app. You can spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO and many other commonly used instant messengers. It lets you track your kid’s one-on-one chats, group chats, photos, videos and audios.

Get Access to Passwords

The cell phone spy app lets you access passwords, usernames and email addresses of your kids, so you can closely watch out their social media, email and other online accounts.

Supervise the Internet Usage

You can supervise the internet usage of your teens and tweens to keep them from objectionable and age-inappropriate content. The cell phone spy app provides access to the internet browsing history of monitored smartphones and offers access to a variety of data stored on your kid’s phone. Moreover, the spy app for android phones lets you protect your kids from online dangers in numerous other ways.

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