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Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions


Looking for homemade dog food you can prepare for your pup? If you want to make something special for your bestfriend, this is the recipe you should follow!

Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

Ok doggy owners, we love our pets, right? Well, let’s get serious about their diets! Our pups’ eating patterns are totally essential to their life longevity and happiness – so, why wait to make their food all it can be? If you’re eating healthily, so should your cute canine.

You can combine carbohydrates, to give your pooch energy, and proteins, to help build its tissues through an array of recipes. You can also touch up on much needed amino and fatty acids, to improve your doggy’s hair and skin, these same fats assist with brain development and vision wellness. And with all this in mind, we’ve got a great recipe below for a yummy homemade chicken liver and veggie stew. So, why not try it? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s get cookin’ and cheers to our favorite furry friends!




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You Will Need:

  • 2 lbs raw chicken livers (3 containers) – remember, you can also use beef liver
  • 2 cup of cooked brown rice, set aside
  • 1 cup of chopped carrots
  • 1 chopped broccoli,
  • 2 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil for pan

(via the Elliott Homestead, click here for full tutorial)


Step 1.

Chop the liver (chicken or beef), carrots and broccoli into bite sizes.

Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

(via Happy Zombie, click here for full tutorial)


Step 2.

Brown the the liver in a hot skillet with the olive oil.


(via Food Culture, click here for full tutorial)

Step 3.

Add water to make a simmering “gravy.” You can add the leftover liquid, mainly the blood, from the containers. Don’t add salt or seasoning, dogs don’t need (or want) additives.

Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

(via Food Culture, click here for full tutorial)


Step 4.

After adding the liquid, allow the liver simmer on medium heat until all traces of pink are gone. Once the liver is thoroughly cooked add in the carrots and broccoli and let them cook for a few minutes.

Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions


Step 5.

Cook them long enough so they become one with the liver stew – but hard enough so they retain as much raw goodness and nutrition as possible. Add water as needed. Allow to cool down and add in empty containers.

Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

(via Happy Zombie, click here for full tutorial)


Step 6.

Make sure you save some freshly made, yet cooled down, stew for your pooch and serve it up!
Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

(via Happy Zombie, click here for full tutorial)


Just so You Know:

We love sharing our homemade recipes with you – this one was inspired by Happy Zombie, so much thanks for a recipe that we can all revisit and refer to in order to keep our furry friends in tip-top shape. Let’s remember to treat our dogs the very best that we can and that feeding them homemade dog food can go a long way. Ditch the generic doggy bag and dine with your dog at home today!


Homemade Dog Food | Recipe and Instructions

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  1. AvatarCayla says

    How about wild game livers (does it have to be liver?) such as deer, bear, elk and so on and so fourth.

    • AvatarElizabeth says

      Cayla, just make sure to always consult the internet and see whether it’s safe to feed your dog deer, bear or any kind of meat in order to understand thorough portion control, etc. Here’s a helpful link about feeding your dog deer meat. Thanks for the question!

  2. AvatarHeather says

    I use cooked veggies for treats for my dogs but would love to actually cook their meals as well. This recipe looks super simple and has room for some variety and variations. Thanks for posting it. My vet (who is a holistic vet who does acupuncture, nutracuticals etc) told me that I need to make sure I cook veggies like carrots (and sweet potatoes etc) because if they are raw they are hard on a dogs stomach. Do you have any thoughts on that? Do you think the partial cooking would make them digestible?

  3. AvatarCourtney says

    Please do not follow this recipe! Broccoli in moderation is not harmful but consuming too much can cause gastrointestinal issues. This recipe does not include nearly enough of the essential vitamins & minerals they need. Puppies & seniors should most particularly not eat this as it does not cater to their specific dietary needs. I’m all about doing homemade for dogs, including diet, but using this recipe regularly will leave your dog with vitamin deficiencies. I’m a veterinary technician & specialize in canine/feline nutrition. Many vets will say homemade diets are the wrong way to go (partially because they want you to buy commercial but also because it is hard to get the appropriate balance of fat, protein, vitamins, etc.). I say it is possible but you have to be educated. Do not just follow a recipe because it looks simple. Talk to a vet who specializes in nutrition/holistic care. Find recipes developed by a animal nutritionist. Vary ingredients & proteins (research what is safe to feed your pet, COOK all of it, & introduce new ingredients gradually to make sure your pet’s stomach can tolerate it) so that they are more likely to get appropriate vit./mins. & talk to your vet about supplements, herbs, etc. that can enhance your homemade diet & prevent deficiencies.

  4. AvatarTiffany says

    I’ll be getting a newborn Maltese in a few weeks, I want to start with a homemade natural diet bc I’m so sick of seeing what the commercial dog foods are doing to dogs. My question is- typically when switching foods you have to do a 75/25 then 50/50 and 25/75 blend. If I use the above recipe but then use other recipes should I blend them or can I just move from one protein source to another?


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