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Kitchen Decor Through The Decades! Take a Quick Trip Through Design History

Want to see how kitchen decor has evolved through the ages? If you'd like to take a quick trip through history, this is the one for you!

Kitchen Decor Through The Decades

What does your kitchen look like? Does it give out a modern vibe or are you a little more attached to a different decade? Whatever your style is on your kitchen decor I'm sure it's beautiful. If you'd like to take a quick peek at how the decorations have changed throughout the years, just check this cool infographic!

You can thank Express Doors Direct  for this beautiful infographic!

Kitchens Through the Decades

The '50s: Get the fabulous fifties look.

War time had taken its toll on British families and remained on rations until 1954—almost a decade after the war ended. It was still the female's duty to be in the kitchen washing, cleaning and cooking and she had one hell of a job making her rations last. The kitchen was a place to work and not a place to indulge, entertain or enjoy until the middle of the decade when people had more food, resources and income to spare.

Get the Look!

Mix & Match Colors: Mix duck egg blue, baby pink and buttery yellow with cherry red and mint green. Pieces look particularly brilliant in enamel textures.

Spots & Stripes: Spotty or stripey accessories are a great way to update the style of a space without going for a full redecorate. Opt for polka dot chinawear, colored teapots or mug trees, colored utensils or cutlery.

Vary Your Sources: Visit your local jumble sale, carboot or flea market for some genuine vintage pieces that cost next to nothing. Mismatched plates, cups, accessories and knick-knacks create a truly electric vintage feel.

The '60s: Get the Swinging Sixties Look

The sixties saw the kitchen become far less of an austere, functional space and more of a space to be more proud of aesthetically. The ranges of new appliances that were coming out meant that more and more people could afford things for their kitchen and they needed to match a diverse range of tastes.

Get the Look!

Sleek Shapes & Textures: Try a minimalist retro dining table with chrome legs or a 60's style fridge that will really become the focal point of your kitchen space.

Bold Blocks: Bold colors are best, things tend to be block bold colors or heavily patterned. Try accessories with mad 60's floral or geometric patterns.

Earthy Tones: Colors tend to have muted slightly from the pretty pastels in the 50's, work to an earthy green, orange and brown color palette…

The '70s: Get the Groovy Seventies Look

The 70's are relatively recent, so ask your Mum and Dad how many orange kitchen accessories they had in the 70's the first time around. (They get brownie points if they owned a “decorative” ceramic, olive green owl). Aside from their love of hideous cookie jars and mini-animal figurines, everything was brown. And orange. And if it wasn't brown, or orange, or olive green—it wasn't worth having.

Get the Look!

All.Of.The.Brown. : Brown wood cladding, brown pots and pans, brown on brown patterns, brown times, brown accessories. Pair with orange and yellow for a true 70's vibe.

Prominent Patterns: Don't be afraid of some serious pattern. Floral, geometric, circular… clashing patterns if possible! On the walls, the carpet, the tiles, the ceiling!

Get Crafty: Grab some 70's style fabric from your local charity shop and use them to create seat covers, curtains for the kitchen and anything else.

The '80s: Get the Awesome Eighties Look

Finally a decade that stepped away from the brown. No wonder they decided to go with white and black and some splashes of red, pink, and yellow. Accessorize your kitchen with a hilarious mullet, some elbow pads and some legwarmers. Mmm retro!

Get the Look!

Minimal, Yet Bold: After the color and pattern overload of the 70's, things started to get pared down a little. Not without color though—try a minimal black and white color scheme with a vibrant pop of color.

Techno. Techno. : The 80's were all about new technology—think microwave, SodaStream, toastie maker, coffee machine—get all of the gadgets, you can pick up retro ones on eBay for a truly authentic 80's feel.

Shapes & Splashes: Stick with some true 80's patterns—houndstooth, black and white checks, neon paint splashes… if you can't have a feature wall try getting some 80's themed posters—space invaders and Pacman posters anyone?

The '90s: Get the Relaxed Nineties Look

After the convenience foods and gadgets of the 80's, everyone tried going back to basics a little bit. The farmhouse looks was recreated with MDF Oak and microwaved stews—at least it looked good.. oh. Wait. Shall we just not?

Get the Look!

Fake Natural: Hunter green. Does anyone remember hunter green? Pair hunter green kitchen tiles with white and faux oak cabinets for a truly vile 90's look.

Man-Made Wood: Install some fake wood kitchen units… So chic!

Embrace The Decade: Get a boom box. Blast out the backstreet boys from it. Munch away on supernoodles and discos!


Wasn't that fun! Which decade will you turn your kitchen into? Let us know below in the comments!

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