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7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Featured | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Want to look at your home furniture in a new way? Check out these 7 hand-painted DIY projects and make your old furniture look like new again.

Breathe new life to an older dresser, chair or table and other pieces without breaking the bank. All it takes is just a coat of paint and some time. You never know, once you see what difference paint can make, you may start looking around for more wood pieces to paint!

7 Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

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Whether large or small, a painting project can be the perfect DIY endeavor for your home. Transform objects you already own into things you love with just a little paint and some time.

Tired of your drab home décor items? Don’t buy new! Just paint the ones you have for a completely new look on a budget. This option is great for those of us who are budget-conscious or have just moved to a new apartment and are craving a new look. Read our tips below for getting the most out of all your painting projects.

painting projects | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

To Begin

Be sure to choose the right paint for the surface you are working on. There are special paints for terra-cotta, glass, plastic and more. Read the label on the paint and be sure you are choosing the proper type. Then follow all directions on the label once you get started.

You want these hand-painted DIY projects to last a really long time! You can also try your hand at marbling the paint like the pots pictured above. Just mix various paints and spread them on randomly. Let the artist in you shine!

Let the artist in you shine | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Slightly More Sophisticated

Grab a stencil to get a finished look with very little effort. You can find pre-made stencils at your local home improvement or craft store in a variety of styles. Pick one you can use on a variety of surfaces around your home.

Be sure to grab some stencil adhesive as well. This will help you get those crisp lines in your paint and make your entire DIY project look more professional.

more professional | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Trash To Treasure

Recycle wood and other materials into budget-friendly home décor with just a little paint. Old pallets might even be found in a trash pile to make a sign. There is never any scrap wood! That pile is just projects waiting to be made.

For raw wood, you will want to either prime first or purchase a paint and primer in one. Using a primer will enable you to apply fewer coats of paint and therefore keep your budget in check.

budget in check| 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Simplify, Simplify

Add an accent piece to any room with just a little paint. You may not want to add gold to every room, but a small accent piece will look amazing in one room.

Spray paint is a great option for objects that are odd in shape or have deep crevices. This will help you really get great coverage in a short amount of time. A DIY project that is budget-friendly and quick? Why are you not starting one of these hand-painted ideas right now?

hand-painted ideas | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Something Old Mixed With Something New

Sometimes the entire piece does not need to be painted. A natural-color piece can benefit from just a small area being painted, like the handles or drawer fronts. In this case, we added the stencil in white while leaving the rest of the piece stained. For another example of this, look to these hand-painted utensils. Get creative with your paint projects!

Get creative with your paint projects | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Bringing It To The Big Time

Go a little bigger with your canvas and branch into furniture and fixtures. Be sure to ask your property manager about painting anything that goes with the house or apartment. However, a bathtub or fixture that is in dire need of painting will often get the green light from the owner of your property.

Do your research on the right type of paint and preparation of the surface, then jump right in! Painting a fixture or large piece of furniture can change the look of the room instantly.

change the look of the room instantly | 7 Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects You Need to Try

Wood, Fabric And Beyond

When you think of painting furniture, don’t just stop at the wood surfaces. Did you know that fabric can be painted as well? You can either purchase fabric paint or add a fabric medium to the paint of your choice.

That ugly upholstery will be no more! Be sure to tackle one of these hand-painted DIY projects for your living space. A little paint is the affordable way to change the look of your home in mere minutes.

Which easy hand-painted DIY project are you trying this weekend? Let me know below in the comments!

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