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Peticure Elite Review | Safely Grind and Trim Your Dogs Nails At Home

How to easily trim your dogs nails at home

Peticure Elite Review | Safely Grind and Trim Your Dogs Nails At Home

I don’t normally do product reviews on our site, but I’d like to specifically mention how much I absolutely love my newly discovered Pet Peticure Elite! Peticure is a revolutionary grooming tool that completely removes the fear of harming your pet and converts pet parents who were once terrified of the nail clipper to be empowered with confidence. I can remember when I would think about clipping my dogs nails and just the thought of doing it myself freaked me out. I am sure some other new pet parents can relate. No one wants to potentially harm their pet just because they need their nails clipped. Let’s get started. We’re going to be showing you the basics of the Pet Peticure and also, you’ll get to meet my adorable dog, Toby. She was a gracious model for this pet experiment and we’re happy to show you how happy she was!

How to Safely Grind and Trim Your Dogs Nails At Home

Remember that this is a tool that needs to be charged for 3-6 hours before you use it, so remember to plug it in. Before I made this video I forgot to charge the Pedicure Elite so Toby had to wait a few hours to get groomed. Here is a photo of what your Peticure Elite should look like and all of the pieces that this kit comes with (with the exception of the base and charger). The kit that we are selling includes the charger so no need to worry about purchasing one yourself! Bonus! Most dogs do not like having their claws trimmed. Start trimming claws in young animals so that they get used to the process. Some dogs will happily sit in your lap or on a table while you trim their claws but many require some form of restraint. Make sure your puppy is comfortable! The noise may startle them, but my dog was totally fine with it. She didn’t really seem to notice. Then again, my pooch doesn’t notice much unless there’s food around.

nail clipping for dogsPeticure Elite Review | Safely Grind and Trim Your Dogs Nails At Home


Step 1.

Charge your device over-night or for a few hours. Otherwise you’re up the creek without a paddle. To turn your device on, simple click the little dial to the right and you will notice you have a wide range of settings from 1-10.

Step 2.

Grab your pooch and start sanding! My doggie didn’t mind using it at all!

Step 3.

Let your puppy run and frolic because she’s got a new set of paws! Toby really liked the way her paws felt after she got a nice new pedicure.

Thanks for checking out our Peticure Elite review! Okay…you want one, right?

We’re selling them for $12.75!!!!!! Click below to get your Peticure Elite!

Hurry and get them while supplies last.

nail clipping for dogsPeticure Elite Review | Safely Grind and Trim Your Dogs Nails At Home




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