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How To Sell On Etsy | 5 Ways To Sell Your Products With Confidence

Want to sell your crafts and make some extra cash? Want to learn how to sell on Etsy? Let an experienced DIY-er show you how it’s done…

After creating one of my unique and thoughtful DIY projects, I’m always so excited to get the word out and see what my customers think of it. Like any true DIYer, sales are not my driving force behind why I like to craft and build. However, I certainly don’t mind making a few extra bucks in the process! Now, I’m definitely not a salesman and I certainly didn’t go to business school, so learning how to sell my projects has been primarily self-taught. Crafting might come naturally to me, but sales and marketing and all that business stuff certainly does not! Any other crafters out there agree?

How To Sell On Etsy And Make Cash From Your Crafts

So you want to sell what you make? It’s one thing to get your products on your Etsy shop, but it’s a whole other thing to start bringing in those dollars! Here’s my little DIY secret for getting seen on Etsy so I can sell my crafts to people who want to buy them, without getting lost amongst the noise.

How to get seen on Etsy?

The best thing you can do to get started selling on Etsy is download the Pushkinn App. Then, let it do all the hard work for you! The Pushkinn App allows you to see what popular tags and search terms people are using so you can make sure your projects are found by the right people!

You’ve already crafted a wonderful item that people want, now it’s time to put a little work into getting it out there. So for all of you aspiring DIYers who are looking to sell your creations on Etsy, I want you to lean in and hear my recommendation. I want you to know what has helped me maximize my sales.

I started using the app “Pushkinn” and the results have been fantastic! There is nothing worse than creating something great only to realize that it has been sitting in a box in a corner of your craft room for the past 6 months (or more)!! Don’t let your beautiful projects turn into paper weights, door jams or clutter. Download this app and get your products in the hands of people that will get good use out of them!


Here’s why I use the Pushkinn App for Selling on Etsy:

1. The Pushkin App will Create the Perfect Lead Magnet

What’s a lead magnet? It’s a hook that gives  people what they are already looking for in a more efficient way. Since DIY crafts have so many facets, it’s so convenient if you primarily do a certain kind of project (like jewelry making or building) to feature something that will grab the attention of people who have a similar interest. Once you make a lead magnet, you can plant it around your site or social media and watch the customers roll in!

pushkinn-app-1 How To Sell On Etsy | 5 Ways To Sell Your Products With Confidence

2. The Pushkinn App Can Expand Your Product Line

If you are a consistent crafter, like me, then you are probably looking to sell more than just one single product. …But what should that product be? The Pushkinn App for Etsy will help to tell you what your customers are interested in by providing results based on popular search terms, ranked highest to lowest in popularity. If your search is a 1, then it’s a great and highly searched keyword. If the word gets a score of 10 it might not be very popular. Now perhaps you want little competition? A high rating might be better, that’s up to you. The Pushkinn App helps you understand your customers and  cater better to their preferences.

pushkinn-app-2 How To Sell On Etsy | 5 Ways To Sell Your Products With Confidence

3. The Pushkinn App For Etsy Will Corner Your Market

One of the most helpful things that the Pushkinn App has to offer is the ability to analyze what your customers search for on various websites like Google, eBay, Amazon and others. With this information, you will be able to see the main words that your customers search for and then use those words to title your own product in order to be featured in their search!

pushkinn-app-3 How To Sell On Etsy | 5 Ways To Sell Your Products With Confidence

4. The Pushkinn App Shows Google Trends With Real Data

One of my favorite features of the Pushkinn app is the Google Trends data; with this feature you will be able to see what has sold and worked in the past for the same or similar products to your own. Therefore, you’ll be able to gauge what you can expect from a sales perspective with your current product.

pushkinn-app-4 How To Sell On Etsy | 5 Ways To Sell Your Products With Confidence

5. Pushkinn App will Supercharge Your Marketing

In order to fully maximize your growing marketing skills, use Pushkinn to see what questions your customers are already asking. Then, answer them by providing customers with your stellar one-of-a-kind quality products.

The truth is, you could continue to sell on Etsy and hope potential customers will simply stumble upon your products. OR you could use the Pushkinn App, learn how to sell on Etsy and gain a little insight about your customers. Wouldn’t you like to boost sales by understanding the desires of your customer? If you answered YES then the this app is a must-have!

I personally love the feeling of providing something of greater value to my customers by  having the Pushkinn App advantage. It’s worked wonders for me and it can do the same for you! Download Pushkinn App for just $1 here and give it a try!

*This post is NOT sponsored. I seriously love the Pushkinn App, and since the tool is SO cheap I simply had to share!*

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