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10 Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls

These easy wood projects for kids are fun to make and a great place to get started if you’re looking for a fun hobby! These crafts range in skill level from basic to intermediate. Check out our easy woodworking crafts for girls for some DIY inspiration.

Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls To Make This Weekend

Being the mother of a lovely daughter is truly delightful, and as a crafter, I jump at every opportunity I can get to teach her the ways of woodworking and other DIY Projects. These DIY wood projects just prove how creative us girls can get! There’s no material we can’t turn into our own liking! For all things artsy and inventive (without having to spend too much), try making these easy wood projects…

1. Dyed Wood DIY Headbands

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Ribbons, denim, and various types of materials have been turned into headbands. Why not use some dyed wood for a change? Placing colorful wood on your hair creates a beautiful contrast between soft and hard textures!


2. Wooden Bead Keychain

Check out 10 Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls at

Here’s a nice break from all the metal keychains we’re all used to. This wooden bead keychain is one of the easiest wood projects I’ve ever encountered. Now find some wooden beads because I’m sure you can make one in no time!

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Free Group T-Shirt


3. Wood and Leather Clutch

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Who says going fancy has to be all about fancy materials? Among these easy wood projects, this wood and leather clutch might just be the most creative one! The wood gives such a beautiful structure to the clutch, complementing the leather perfectly!


4. Wood Magazine Holder

For all our magazine needs! All the issues of Better Homes & Gardens, Fine Wood Working, Wood Magazine, and Family Circle go right into my sturdy and lovely wood magazine holder! It also helps in maintaining the neatness of the house!


5. Wooden Jewelry Board

Check out 10 Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls at

My husband and kids know it all too well: I have so many pieces of jewelry I tend to lose most of them! Thank goodness for this wooden jewelry board! I solved my dilemma with just a simple DIY wood project!


6. Wooden Earrings Two Ways

If you invest in easy wood projects, then your dedication and effort will be rewarded! You can wear these wooden earrings in, not just one, but two ways! Now, start thinking about the perfect occasion to show them off!


7. Wood and Copper Necklaces

Achieving elegance and sophistication has never been so simple. Thanks to easy wood projects, a little bit of wood and copper is all it takes! These wood and copper necklaces are so lovely, I’m making one for all the girls in my life!



8. Wooden Pineapple Bowls

I have so much stuff—jewelry, clips, stationery, DIY materials—I keep losing them around the house! Finally, I decided to make these wooden pineapple bowls so all my stuff are kept in one place!


9. Painted Wood Bangles

These painted wood bangles are one of those easy wood projects I’m really grateful for. They take any outfit to a whole new level! I look so effortlessly chic and stylish!


10. Balsa Wood Candle Holder

Check out 10 Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls at

Finally, you know us ladies, we like to pamper ourselves! Make these balsa wood candle holders right away and light up your favorite scented candle! It’s time to relax and unwind after a day of intense DIY project making!


Watch this video from Primrose for more easy wood projects for girls:


Which of these easy wood projects are you giving your girlfriends? Let us know in the comments below!
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Check out 10 Easy Wood Projects for Kids | Crafts for Girls at
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