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7 DIY Tiki Torches To Wow Your Party Guests

Set your backyard apart from all the rest with these DIY Tiki torches.

7 DIY Tiki Torches To Wow Your Party Guests |

7 DIY Tiki Torches To Wow Your Party Guests

Step into your local hardware store and you’re bound to stumble into any number of Tiki torches, ranging from the cheap LED polycarbonate constructed ones to the more expensive handmade versions that come with lifetime fiberglass wicks and steel holders.

Sure, you could purchase a handful of those Tiki torches to spruce up your backyard, but why spend THAT much money when you can create your own unique Tiki torches back at home? Don’t be like everyone else. Build yourself a Tiki torch that will make your friends and family say, “WOW”.


1. Beer Tiki Torches

Instead of throwing them into the recycling bin, repurpose those beer bottles into simple, porch-ready Tiki torches. Check out the full tutorial here.

2. Molotov Cocktail Tiki Torch

Who said Molotov cocktails can’t be friendly? Find the guide here.

3. Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Stop using those mason jars to preserve food. Instead fill them with torch fuel, stick a wick inside and light ’em up! Instructions here.

4. Spinning Lantern Tiki Torch

Watch the video to see just how awesome this spinning Tiki torch really is. Grab the details here.

5. Light Bulk Tiki Torch

A light bulb…that moonlights as a Tiki torch. Who would’ve thought?! Find the guide here.

6. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

The classiest of all Tiki torches. Learn how to make them here.

7. LED Water Bottle Tiki Torch

If you’re afraid of causing a fire, stay safe with LED lights in a water bottle. Take a look at the instructions here.

8. Copper Tiki Torches

While these Tiki torches are a bit time consuming to make, they’ll last longer than any that you would buy at your local hardware store. Find it here.

9. Jack Daniel’s Tiki Torch

Ditch the whiskey (responsibly) and turn a Jack Daniel’s bottle into my personal favorite Tiki torch. View the step-by-step instructions here.

10. High Voltage Spark Gap Tiki Torch

Use 10,000 volts to spark up this (somewhat) dangerous Tiki torch. Watch the video here.

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