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15 Insanely Innovative DIY Projects You Can Have With Paper Binder Clips

The paper binder clips you typically use at the study table or office for binding is more than what meets the eye. You can totally use it into numerous ways to make your life easier! Check out how you can utilize these clips beyond the usual papers it binds!

15 Insanely Innovative DIY Projects You Can Have With Paper Binder Clips

These paper binder clip hacks will leave you in awe!

Yes, you got it right – the same office supply you take for granted have more uses than you could possibly assume. You might not think of it, but a paper binder clip can serve you as:

  • Phone rest to put your phone diagonally so you can easily enjoy watching videos
  • Organizer for your cords and cables
  • Stand for your phone, or sponge!

Below is a list of all the tricks you can make out of the paper binder clips. Talk about DIY!

1. Diagonal Phone Rest


Get a small paper binder clip. Put handles together. Slightly slant the triangle. Insert a bigger paper binder and clip it at the handles of the smaller one. View videos on your phone with this DIY rest!

2. Side Table Cable Holder


Use medium – sized paper binder clips and clip it on the side of your study table. On the handles, insert the wires you normally use: phone charger, laptop charger, and plug. When not in use, you can just leave it hanging. Convenient!

3. Charging Station



Clip the charger using a small paper binder clip. Remove the handles. Use a bigger paper binder clip to clip the smaller one with. Remove the handles as well. Let it stand. Charge your phone upright with this!

4. Shaver Cap


A travel must – have, cover your shaver using a medium – sized paper binder clip. Keep it this way.

5. Cord Organizer


Keep your wires and cords stored neatly by using a paper binder clip just like this one!

6. Earphones Keeper


Clip your earphones organized by clipping the wires connecting to the earbuds. Let the rest of your earphone cord be wrapped around the handles.

7. Horizontal Phone Stand


Clip a card using a paper binder. Clip on both ends and put your phone on top. Watch your videos easily.

8. Clip – assisted Knitting


Avoid tangles with your yarn when knitting with this hack. Simply attach a paper binder clip on the side of the yarn container. Have the handles upward and let the yarn pass through it. Knit away!

9. Hanger Clips


Clip your pants and other clothing/fabrics to avoid marks and lines. Simply attach the clips onto your hanger.

10. Sponge Stand


Have a paper binder clipped to your dish washing sponge and spread its handles to support it while standing.

11. Food Sealer


Can't finish your chips? Seal it and store using a paper binder clip! Fold the opening and clip it to lock.

12. Toothpaste Saver


With a bobby pin, scrape the remaining content if the toothpaste tube and fold it from the bottom. Clip the paper binder to stop.

13. Easy Phone Support


Clip a paper binder directly to your phone and use the handles as its balance.

14. Money/Card/Key Holder


Bind your money or bills together using this paper binder clip. To make it as a key holder, remove the handle and insert the ring for the keys. Put the handle back. There you go!

15. Pen holder

Insert your pen in one of paper binder's handle and have your pen secure.

Watch the video below to get creative and ultra functional with these hacks from your clips!

There's no shock should you decide to buy a bunch of these paper binder clips. Go and hoard so many pieces, with all these uses you can make out of them! Click here to have more tips for your home.

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