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10 DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

Start working on a DIY hammock stand and prepare for a spring and summer of total relaxation!

DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

Nothing is quite as relaxing as hanging out in a hammock, reading a book and soaking up the sun.

When I was kid, my father made us a great hammock for our backyard — some of my greatest memories were hanging out in that hammock with my brothers and sisters!

My husband and I are just getting around to fixing up our little backyard, and I’ve convinced him to work on a project with me. You guessed it — we’re making a hammock! The first step to a great hammock is a solid DIY hammock stand. After all, you don’t want it to collapse after three uses!

Check out these DIY hammock stand ideas and maybe you and your husband will also be inspired to work together on a fun project 🙂


DIY Hammock Stand Ideas

1. $40 Dollar Hammock Stand


Tutorial here.


2. Free Standing Portable PVC Hammock Stand

Perfect hammock stand for the beach or even just in your backyard.


3. On a Budget Hammock Stand

Makes you feel relaxed just by looking at! Find the full tutorial here.


Try this too!


4. DIY Pergola Hammock Stand

Check out this tutorial and find out how to make this sturdy hammock stand.


5. Rocking Hammock Stand


6. $20 Dollar Hammock Stand

This video tutorial will show you how to make a cheap, strong and adjustable hammock stand in no time!


7. Two Pole Hammock Stand

Better choose the right spot before making this  — those poles aren’t going anywhere once they’re places. Tutorial here.


8. Bent Lamination Hammock Stand

A twist on your ordinary DIY hammock stand stand. Check the details here.


9. Bamboo DIY Hammock Stand

Learn how to make a DIY hammock stand out of bamboo.


10. Stand Alone Bi-Pod Hammock Stand

Perfect for traveling:  portable and strong hammock that’s relatively easy to DIY.


Try not to commit these fails when you build your hammocks! Watch it here from FunnieSStuff:

So which DIY hammock stand will you try today? Let us know below in the comments!

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