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22 DIY Hacks to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

Want to know some DIY hacks to make your clothing last longer? If you're looking for some useful life hacks then you've come to the right place. Enjoy more time with your favorite clothes with these amazing clothing hacks.

Saying goodbye to your favorite pants or top is now a thing of the past. Why give it away or throw it out when you can wear it longer? Just follow these tips and I'm can forget about buying new clothes for awhile.

DIY Hacks to Make Your Clothing Last Longer | Life Hacks

Life hacks are just amazing. They make everyday life so much easier. That's why whenever I come across a certain hack, I make sure that I keep them handy in case I need to use them. Like when I was organizing my boy's closet, I realized that there's just so many clothes he's no longer wearing and it seems such a waste. So I thought to myself, there must be a DIY clothes hack for this and sure enough, I found some. To help you guys save some money and give more time to your beloved clothes, here are a few hacks that will make your clothing last longer. Yay!


1. Adding a Cuff to Lengthen Pants

When you have kids, you'll realize they outgrow their pants quickly. Sewing cuffs will not only lengthen the pants but also the time they can wear them. Get the tutorial here.


2. Repair Pantyhose Holes

Found a little hole in your pantyhose? Don't let it run by putting some clear nail polish. Save money and pantyhose with this useful life hack. See it here.


3. Velvet-Lined Faux Fur Collar

Got a coat just sitting in your closet? Give yourself a reason to wear it again. Fur is a quick and fun way to make your coat look new, as long as it's faux you're good. Check it out here.


4. Keep Your Buttons from Falling Off

Save time from having to resew buttons with a little nail polish. This will work best for your new clothes (and old). Before you ever see any signs of tear, do it! See how here.


5. Favorite Bra 10-Second Repair

I'm sure you have that favorite bra you just love. You can't avoid that after some time of getting washed, the underwire protrudes. Here's a great way to keep it longer. Check it out here.


Save your money & make your kids some awesome #clothes! Check out these tutorials: #DIY

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) June 2, 2015


6. DIY No Sew Cardigan

Have a sweater that no longer fits? Turn it into a cardigan! Best part is it's no sew. Get the tutorial here.


7. Unshrink Your Clothes

There's just some fabric that shrinks after washing. You'll never have that problem with this useful life hack. Check it out here.


8. Refashioned Colorblock Dress

Whether you're bored of how your dress looks like or want to add more color to it, this is such a brilliant idea. It may be a bit unlikely you've grown a few inches, but it's also a good way to add some length. Get the instructions here.


9. Eliminate Yellow Stains

Know those yellow stains that ruin your whites because you just can't take it off? Now you can. Get the steps here.


10. Color Inserts


Reality hits when your favorite jeans just don't fit. Diet or repair? I think a color insert would be so much easier. See how here.


11. Remove Chewing Gum

This happens at one point in everyone's life, you accidentally sit on chewing gum! Don't worry, there's still a way you can remove it. Check it out here.


12. Use Vinegar to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

natural cleaning products

You can buy faded jeans so why should you let your dark colored jeans fade? Here's a great clothing tip that will keep them in just the right color. See it here.


13. Bleach Stain Repair

Accidents happen everywhere even in the laundry room. Repair accidental bleach stains with Sharpie, yes, Sharpie. Check it out here.


14. Make Your Sports Bra Last Longer

Don't wear down your sports bra after working out. This DIY clothing tip will help you make it last longer. Plus, it will make sure you'll have a sports bra ready for every workout. See it here.


15. DIY Jumper Hack

In a blink, your little girl has already outgrown a jumper she only wore once. The solution, ruffles! Get the instructions here.


16. Fix Small Shirts

Surprise! Your shirt doesn't fit you anymore! This clothing hack will fix it. You'll even have a new shirt after the process. See it here.


17. Well Mended Wardrobe

Got a rip? Here's a great way to mend it with style. Just try not to intentionally rip you other jeans to get the look. Check it out here.


18. Make Tops Longer

Believe me, this doesn't just work with kids' clothes. But your little one's clothes will be the perfect candidate. I'm sure you have a couple of prospects in the closet. See the tutorial here.


19. DIY Refashioned Jeans

Refashion your jeans into a DIY skirt. A great way to make it last even in a different form. Get the tutorial here.


20. Make Tights Last Longer

Make your new tights more resistant to snags and rips with this clothing hack. Check it out here.


21. Shedding Sweater

Your sweater won't be able to do its job if it keeps on shedding. Prevent it with this clothing tip. See it here.


22. The Snag Nab-it

A miracle needle that will snag down any pull or snag you have on a sweater or blouse. Amazing right? Check it out here.


Need more tips? Then get more DIY hacks here from The Milk Club:

These DIY hacks are just amazing. Makes you want to dive into your closet and see what clothes you can give a makeover, right? So before you throw or give something away, think first, “Is this something I can hack?”

Which DIY hacks for your clothes are you going to try first? Share how it goes in the comments section below!

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