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46 DIY Elf on The Shelf Hiding Places | The Best Hiding Spots

Running out of creative ideas to hide your elf on the shelf? Don’t panic! Take a peek at my list of 46 DIY elf on the shelf ideas and get ready for some Christmas fun!

One of the wonderful things I am always excited about Christmas is my elf on the shelf. My kids get excited to wake up each morning to find out the trouble our little buddy got into while we are sleeping. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite elves on the shelf hiding spots to keep this Christmas tradition more exciting and fun!

The Best Hiding Spots For Your Elf On The Shelf

The elf on the shelf has become our family tradition as a hide-and-seek-buddy every Christmas. My kids’ elf, Nodie, keeps everything light and festive in our home during the holiday season. He likes to hide in different places every day. The fun part of this activity? I get to choose the place in our home our little buddy gets to hide. Now, my kids need to find him every day. I really love seeing my kids’ eyes light up in the morning when they find Nodie. But I must admit, I’m running out of ideas this year. So, I’ve made a little research and found some wonderful and funny ideas to keep my elf on the shelf exciting for the holiday season. Jump on in for my favorite hiding place ideas!

46 DIY Elf on the Shelf Hiding Places | Hide your Elf on the Shelf all around the house in fun and silly places. Every morning your child wakes up to a new Elf on the Shelf adventure! See all 46 on


1. Dating with Barbie

Mistletoe and Barbie are ready for some fun time together. Isn’t this fun drinking from the syrup bottle? It looks like they’re just enjoying every moment together!


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2. In A Baby Doll Stroller

This little fella seems to take over the baby doll stroller. And maybe if he stays near the doll furniture for long enough my daughter will probably take him for a ride.


3. Playing Games

This Elf also loves to play games with his friends! You might as well want to introduce him to the other dolls or figurines in the house. He would be glad to play all night with them.


4. Hershey Kisses Poop Elf

This little fella is so silly! This is not pretty at all! But, I don’t blame this guy after all the chocolate kisses he has eaten. Wondering who will be cleaning this mess up?


5. Elf on the Shelf Stilts

These two elves are walking high on wrapping paper stilts.


6. Trapped

This little guy here got stuck under a glass. Will he be able to go back to the North Pole and give his report to Santa? Kids would really wonder what naughtiness he’s been up to overnight.


7. Laying Down

This cute little elf on the shelf is laying down on a tissue box. He seems to be comfortable on it.


8. Sneaking A Present

He is planning to sneak a peek inside one of the gifts under the tree.


9. Playing Hide-N-Seek

This silly elf also loves to play hide and seek. Your kids would be very excited to look for him every morning.


10. Elf Captivity

It seems that the kitchen became a war zone and unfortunately, Kevin, the elf, has been captured and is being detained in a Coke glass. The elf’s face looks very confused about the reason behind his captivity.


11. Circus Elf

Are you ready for a Circus? Because this little fella over here looks like he’s so ready to get the fun started!


12. Elf In A Swing

Waking up to an Elf swinging on a toilet paper roll in your doorway with a “Good Morning” sign, is a wonderful idea. It’ll surely put a smile on the kids.


13. Elf’s Got A Cold

Poor little elf, it looks like he has a cold. It must be very tough traveling back and forth to the North Pole every night.


14. Love Note

What a sweet little elf. It would be a wonderful feeling when you wake up and see this note. Kids are definitely going to fall in love with Santa’s adorable scout.


15. Elf In A Jar

Ace, the elf, is asking you to be his tour guide for the day. I guess it is natural for elves to roam around, but this time he wanted to be carried.


16. Minion Banana Friends

It looks like this elf found some new little minion friends! This silly elf drew faces on all of the bananas! Look how funny these minion bananas turned out!


17. Elf on a Hammock

This little elf is having a good time on his hammock.


18. Elf Makes S’mores

This one is a great elf on the shelf idea. It looks like this elf is having fun making s’mores just for himself. I bet he is not sharing it with anyone.


19. Elf on Strike

What a brilliant idea! Kids are sure to clean their rooms when they see this.


20. Coloring Elf

Don’t you know that scout elves also love to color? Yes, they do, especially when they take a break from helping Santa.


21. Rolling Down

This elf must be very excited for the Christmas Eve! He got a little carried away with the toilet paper, rolling down the hallway.


22. Shoe-shoe Train

So, that’s where all the shoes went! The driver elf is now calling, “All aboard”.


23. Eyes On You

This one’s so cute. “I have my eyes on you!” This elf just wanted to remind the kids that he is watching them making sure they do not do anything bad.


24. Minecraft Elf on the Shelf

This just goes to show, these elves love playing Minecraft, too! Minecraft-loving kids would surely love these silly elves dressed up as creepers from Minecraft.


25. Tied Up

It looks like the Lego people have revolted and have tied Alphie the elf up with ribbon. Just wondering how he’s going to get out from being tied up?


26. Marshmallow Hot Tub

This cute little fella is having a good time soaking in a marshmallow hot tub. It looks like he loves chilling with a sugar cookie.


27. From North Pole To Freezer

This cute little elf is transported from the North Pole right into the freezer. He even brought some candy canes as presents for the kids.


28. Elf on the Shelf Sleeping Bag

It looks like they love snuggling inside these adorable sleeping bags. Can’t wait to see where he ends up tomorrow. Could they be somewhere under the bed or inside a jar? Nobody knows!


29. Elf Photo Booth

Elf On The Shelf, Peter, wasted no time celebrating with his Barbie friends right after coming back from the North Pole! Just wondering what Santa would think of him using his beard as a prop?


30. Frozen + Elf On The Shelf

This elf on the shelf visits the snowy world of Frozen. It looks like Elsa and Anna found a new friend and are very happy this Christmas because of his presence.


31. Hiding in the Fridge

Helper is keeping himself warm while hiding in the fridge. He might be trying to eat all the popsicles. This idea will surely get a smile out of your little fellas!


32. Drummer Boy

Elves love to play instruments. And Ringo here shows off his hidden talent by playing the drums! He is thinking of creating a rock band.


33. The Elf in a Parachute

Up, up, and Away! Elf on the shelf, Jolly, always parachutes in for his arrival, bringing a note from Santa. Unfortunately, his parachute has caught on the light. I’m just hoping he’s okay!



34. Hanging From The Tree

This little fella is hanging off the Christmas star at the top of the tree. Could it be that he’s planning to take over the spot? Hmmm…


35. Playing Games with Woody

Elf on the shelf, Smarty, and his friend Woody enjoyed playing a game of bean boozled tonight. Be sure to watch until the end and see who gets lucky, and who really doesn’t!


36. Elf in the Frame

This elf on the shelf was getting into some mischief by placing himself in a picture frame. A naughty one, but he is a real cutie! Kids will surely be laughing their hearts out when they see this.


37. Sneaky Elf On The Shelf

This elf is reaching for a sweet Santa snack. But, I think he is plotting to steal these Christmas treats. Wondering if Santa would burst into flames if he knows what this elf is doing!


38. Tangled Elf On The Shelf

Instagram user Thalia’s elf, Lulu, got tangled up in a collection of accessories! He wasn’t certain he could take much more of these accessories.


39. Meeting Up With Darth Vader

Who could be the chosen one? Instagram user Aaron Goodwin’s elf gets to meet Darth Vader. This is sure to create squeals from your little ones.


40. An Egocentric Elf

A not so egocentric elf. He just wanted his pictures to be noticed! Everyone loves to be the center of attraction and so does the elf! 🙂


41. Elf Loves Doll Clothes

This elf looks like she loves wearing doll clothes. Dress up this little fella in the cutest princess’ costume, making sure she looks very pretty for her holiday adventure!


42. Stuck Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the shelf, Wyatt, added holiday cheer to the top of the cabinets, unfortunately, got stuck in the process. Just to make it clear, there are no elves eaten.


43. An Angel Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the shelf, Zippy, was on the mantel, thinking he was an angel. What a cute little thing! Just let him think he is an angel, too!


44. Buzz Vs Elf On The Shelf

The snowball fight is happening right now! Everyone loves a snowball fight and so are Buzz and this elf. They hide behind self-made walls. And just shows even Buzz is doomed against an elf.


45. Elf Is Mixed Up

This mischievous elf is trapped in the Kitchenaid Mixer. A fun idea is to place perhaps cookies he made last night or ingredients he wants to make today!


46. Feeding the Ducks

Elf on the shelf is feeding his ducks in the bath. You can tell he dearly loves these ducks! But, it turns out, it shouldn’t be that stale bread from the pantry.


Still looking for more elf on the shelf ideas? Watch this video from Martha Stewart and learn 3 more ideas to keep your elf busy this holiday season:

Let these 46 creative hiding ideas inspire where your elf wakes up tomorrow morning! Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start a new family Christmas tradition. Just a little bit of creativity and it will go a long way creating beautiful memories! My husband and I, actually have a wonderful time hiding our elf each night. So, I hope you get some fresh and fun ideas to incorporate into your elf season. Have fun!

Which DIY elf on the shelf hiding places will you be adding to your list? Let me know in the comments section!

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