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DIY Chip Bag Hack | Genius Idea For Easy Snacking On The Go

Looking for a fresh new way to eat your chips on the go? You're going to love this DIY Chip Bag Hack. Grab some chips and follow along, this quick tutorial will have you snacking in no time.Your chips have never been fresher and easier to grab.

How To Make The Chip Bag Hack

Easy DIY Chip Bag Hack You Have To Try

Follow along with our step by step tutorial. Then watch and share the video at the end so all your friends can snack like this too.

Chip Bag Hack Supplies:

  • Wet Wipes with lid
  • Exacto Knife
  • Chips in a bag


Step 1 – Remove the lid from the wet wipes bag

Chip Bag Hack 1

Step 2 – Clean the lid

Chip Bag Hack Step 2

Step 3 – Center lid on chips bag

Chip Bag Hack Step 3

Step 4 – Cut hole beneath lid with Exacto knife

Chip Bag Hack Step 4

Step 5 – Set your chips free

Chip Bag Hack Step 5

Step 6 – Enjoy!

Chip Bag Hack

You can now take your bagged snacks with you and enjoy simple easy clean munching!


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