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15 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

Looking for some DIY budget friendly bedroom makeover ideas? You’ll love these craft projects that will freshen up your room .

15 DIY Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas

DIY Bedroom Makeover

For whatever reason, people will always want to make changes on their bedrooms. Whether because of the change of season, expecting a guest or just a change of pace. No matter what the reason, the cost of the makeover is a top priority. Here’s some budget friendly ideas to freshen up your bedroom with this list of bedroom makeover ideas.

15 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget

1. DIY Dip Dye Chairs

For only 2-3 hours brighten up an old chair with this easy DIY chair leg treatment.  See it here.


2. DIY Elegant Headboard

Create your own headboard that has a high appeal. Check it out


3. Re-decorate an Old Lampshade

With fabric and ribbons freshen up an old lampshade. See it here.

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4. Dresser Facelift

Turn an old dresser into your room’s focal point with a pop of bright colors. Check it out here.


5. Decorate Plain Window Blinds with Fabric and Handmade Tassel

An easy DIY project to give your bedroom a wonderful new look with color and pattern. See it here.


6. Turn Chunky Books into a Nightstand

Have big thick books just laying around? Turn them into a nightstand. Check it out here.

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7. Fashion Belt Curtain Tie Back

A budget-friendly way to give your window that overall new chic look. See it here.


8. Embellished Paper Lantern

Create a designer style lampshade with an embellished paper lantern. Check it out here.


9. Make a Window Seat

This project will give you double purpose: a hideaway, and a seat. See it here.


10. Frame Collage Headboard

Who would not love to turn their wall into a fabulous wall art? View it here.


11. No Sew Cord Cover

Show off your lighting and hide those unsightly cords with burlap, colored fabric, patterned fabric, & so much more. View it here.


12. DIY Pegboard Headboard

If you’re a little creative and little crafty, you’ll love this DIY pegboard headboard! View it here.

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13. Bedroom Sparkle

Fill the blank spaces of your bedroom walls with a piece of driftwood that you have embellished with beads, seashells and chandelier prisms. View it here.


14. DIY Paper Birds

Love birds? Bring them into your bedroom, (not the live ones though) and add that inventive touch of nature to your bedroom. Check it out here.


15. Colorful Upholstered Drawers

Here’s another great way to add some color to your old dresser to spice up your bedroom. See it here.


Want to see how you can do a bedroom makeover on a budget? Watch this video from Mr. Kate:

 Did you enjoy our list of DIY Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on this DIY Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas.

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