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How to Cut 13 Fruits the Right Way: Fruit Cutting Hacks

Are you using any special tools to help you cut your fruits? You don’t need those anymore! Check this post to know a more convenient way to cut your favorite fruits with some cutting techniques that won’t leave much of a mess.

How to Cut 13 Fruits the Right Way: Fruit Cutting Hacks

Studies have shown that the way you cut your favorite fruits can actually make a huge difference on how your food looks and tastes, even on how your body absorbs the nutrients. So here, we share with you some fruit cutting techniques that will not only add nutrition to your food but it also saves you time. Here are some helpful ways to enjoy your favorite fruits even more…

How to Cut 13 Fruits the Right Way: Perfect Cutting Techniques & Hacks

1. How to Cut Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruits are fussy to peel but this trick to peeling this fruit is amazing. See how it’s done here.

2. Smart Way To Cut Watermelon

If you plan to eat and enjoy your watermelons, then you’re definitely going to need this trick to cut this fruit without getting juice all over your face and chin. Plus it protects the fruit from drying out!  See how it’s done here.

3. The Right Way To Cut Strawberries

Here is an easy way to hull strawberries while preserving as much of the fruit as you possibly can. Check this video from  Dishin With Di to learn the best way to hull strawberries.

4. How To Cut Tomatoes

Check here the most common ways to cut up fresh tomatoes and the best way to do them. You’ll definitely get the hang of cutting it and getting gorgeous pieces every time.

5. How To Cut Avocados (The Right Way)

I love avocados! They are creamy, fatty, healthy, and delicious but it seems the proper way to cut them has been a mystery. Here’s how to get through the thick skin if you plan on eating one half now and saving the other half for later.

Learn more about cutting an avocado here!

6. How To Cut Limes and Lemons For Maximum Juice

Click here to see some tricks on how to cut perfect squeezable lime or lemon slices.
So strange I had never thought of cutting them this way!

7. How To Cut Bananas

You’ll love how easy slicing a banana is without a knife and without even peeling it! Check this video from Dave Hax to learn some tricks to easily pre-slice your bananas with no mess or mush all over your hands.

8. How To Cut Mandarin Oranges Into Easy To Eat Strips

Check here to know the easy, fast and cute way to peel your mandarin orange. You’ll never go back to peeling again!

9. How To Cut Pomegranates

I love eating pomegranates, but cutting them apart is slow and messy. Find out how to get the wonderful seeds out of a pomegranate with less mess here.

10. How To Quickly Slice Grapes

Slicing a bunch of grapes individually can be tedious. You’ll love this trick to do it with minimal time and effort!

11. How To Cut Corn

Enjoy fresh corn and skip the untidiness of shucking it using a smart technique.
Check this video from Carl Blemming for detailed instructions.

12. How To Cut Pineapple

Pre-cut pineapple can be bought from the store, but it’s fresher and more economical to buy a whole one and cut it yourself. Here’s the way to do it.

13. How To Cut Mangoes

Mango is undoubtedly delicious but I must admit peeling and cutting it can be a hassle and a mess. Learn a simple technique to peel and cut it here.


Need more fruit cutting techniques? See how you can properly and conveniently cut your apples from Grant Thompson:

Did you enjoy our list of techniques on how to cut fruits the right way? Let us know below in the comments! 

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