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How To Make a Chic Dog Sweater

Want to know how to make a dog sweater? Dog clothing are always fun to make. If you want to make your small dog clothes, then this would be the dog sweater for you. It's fashionable and chic but also a cheap dog sweater at the same time. What's not to love?

How to Make a Dog Sweater | Dog Clothing

If you (and your doggie) are super stylish, you'll absolutely want to try this easy DIY and chic dog sweater. Upcycle your old sweater and turn it into a sweet-looking sweater! We're sure that your precious little dog will turn many a heads with this charming sweater that will keep him warm!

You simply DO NOT want to miss one of the easiest DIY dog clothes!



First, you'll need the following for your dog sweater:

  • Old Sweater
  • Ribbon
  • Trim
  • Bling and Buttons

Step 1

You'll need to make a pattern first. Measure your dogs neck loosely and make the top of your pattern half that. Then, measure your dog's waist & the bottom of your pattern will be half that. Then, cut out your pattern pieces.

Step 2

You'll end up with these pattern pieces: (Dorsal) back , (Ventral) belly panel, and 2 sleeves.

Step 3

Sew one side of the Dorsal (back) and Ventral (belly).

Step 4

Then add the fabric trim (along the neck first) to give a cute look. This trim is approximately 4″ then fold in half.

Step 5

After sewing the neck part, you'll need to sew the other side of the shoulder and the ends of the sweater just like the picture shown above. You can now add the buttons and belt to give the finishing touches of this homemade dog sweater.



And there you have it! You have just finished making your DIY dog sweater! Your pup will be snug with this creative sweater!

Here's how your dog looks like when you try it on him!

How sweet is this pretty recycled doggie sweater?

Looks super duper cute PLUS there will be no shivering for any pup anymore! Great job!


You can also check out the video below for FULL tutorial on how to make a dog sweater from PetAdorn:



Did you enjoy our tutorial on how to make a dog sweater? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on this cheap dog clothes. Do you have any other pet projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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