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26 Best Stencils for Home Decor

DIY Furniture and Wall Stencil Ideas |

DIY Furniture and Wall Stencil Ideas |
Ever wondered how to stencil? There are a lot of ways to do it: you can stencil a wall or do other stencil art. It's a great DIY project you can make for home decor crafts. Add color and life to any room with our best stencil ideas!


Stencil Art | How to Stencil


Have you ever dreamt of living in a customized castle? Did you ever envision yourself living in an artwork and seeing your dreams come to life? If the answer is a big YES, then I’ve got great news for you, my friend! Below are some of the best and the most creative stencil ideas that can help you add colors and wonders into your home.


1. Wall of Art

DIY Wall Stencil Art |
Talk about creativity and there you have it, folks! See tutorial here.


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2. The Safari Lamp

Cool Stencil Ideas |
If you love that safari feel and you think that your home could use a little more help, a tiny detail could do just the trick. This African-inspired lamp is perfect for achieving the rustic vibe that all safari lovers out there would love to die for! See tutorial here.


3. How to Stencil a Table

How to Stencil a Table |
via DIY
Got an old table that needs new life. Home decor doesn't have to be expensive. Just take an old one and make it new. Find out how to stencil a table here.


4. Arrow Frame

Cool DIY Stencil Pattern Artwork |
Glam and fab—that’s all that we can say about this arrow print stencil! Oh, and let’s add elegant! See tutorial here.


5. Table and Chair by Numbers

DIY Wood Table Stencil Designs |
Oh, wow! Just look at how expensive this old table and chair looks like. This really gave my furniture a run for their money. See tutorial here.


6. Chair Stencil Makeover

Cool Homemade Stencil Design |
Never sacrifice style from comfort. Take your comfy chair and make it look stylish and brand new with this easy tutorial.


7. The Retro Wall

DIY Wall Pattern Stencil Designs |
Living for the love of retro? This cost-effective project can blow your mind! See tutorial here.


8. The Butterfly Vase

How to Make Cool Stencil Artwork |
Well, after seeing that, all I can say is “I’m all about that VASE!” See tutorial here.


9. The Outdoor Stencil Project

DIY Stencil Ideas to Make |
This stencil project can definitely put a “wow” on your once oh-so-boring outdoors! See tutorial here.


10. The All-Around Stencil

DIY Wall Stencil Patterns |
Walls, ceiling, curtains, cabinets—name it and you have it. This stencil project can definitely be used anywhere you want it for. See tutorial here.


11. It’s All About Grace

How to Make Cool Furniture Stencil Designs |

Do you think your outdoor table needs more polishing? Then this project is perfect for you! See tutorial here.


12. The Stenciled Room

How to Make DIY Artwork Stencil Ideas |
Not because you have used stencils everywhere, it already means that your room would look over-the-top. The simple yet intricate details on this room can make you realize that there’s nothing wrong with using stencils as long as you open your imagination and take subtlety into account. See tutorial here.


13. For the Love of Cabinets

How to Make Cool and Simple Stenciled Furniture |

Hate how your cabinet looks like? Here’s a solution! See tutorial here.


14. The DIY Table

Homemade Stencil Table Ideas |

This table looks so elegant, it didn't even look like a fused chair and tray at all. See tutorial here.


15. The Hug-Me Stencil

Homemade Stencil Ideas on Fabric |
If you think that your old pillows can’t breathe new life with the help of a few colors and paper, think again! See tutorial here.


16. The Inspiring Stencil

DIY Stencil Wall Artwork Ideas |
This stencil may be a little bit harder to do, but the result can sweep you off your feet. See tutorial here.


17. The Creative Rack

Homemade DIY Stencil Ideas |
Need a bit help with organizing your home? This creative magazine rack is happy to be at your service. See tutorial here.


18. The Box of Happiness

How to Make DIY Stencil Letters |

Own that old box with the help of a few strokes of brilliance! See tutorial here.


19. The Vintage Stencil

DIY Wall Artwork Stencil Designs |
Got that undying love for vintage? Well, this can make you feel “vintage” all over! See tutorial here.


20. Reflect Thy Stencil

DIY Wall Pattern Furniture Stencil |
So, tell me, who wouldn’t love this elegant mirror? See tutorial here.


21. The Bathroom Make-Over

How to Make DIY Wall Stencil Pattern |
Make your bathroom the loveliest spot in your home through this easy-to-do stencil project. See tutorial here.


22. The Kitchen Haven

DIY Wall Stencil Patterns |

Does your kitchen look dirty and overcrowded? Well, maybe a little magic touch on its walls can do the magic trick! See tutorial here.


23. Stenciled Dresser

DIY Stencil Pattern Furniture |


this simple touch made the dresser so unique and modern. Now instead of being a subtle piece of furniture in the corner, it’s a fun addition to the room with its own personality. See tutorial here.


24. The Posh Stencil

DIY Stencil Pattern Ideas and Designs |

Who says stencils can’t add glam to your home? Well, this stencil project can make the non-believers a run for their money. See tutorial here.


25. The Golden Stencil

How to Make Wood Stencil Furniture |


One look at this gorgeous cabinet and you’d definitely head to the art shop to get all the materials for your much-needed cabinet make-over! See tutorial here.


26. The Last Lamp

DIY Patterns and Designs for Furniture |

I started with a lamp, so I’ll end it with another one. If you’re not convinced the safari lamp would fit your home, then this might just do the trick! See tutorial here.


Got enough stencil ideas? Then it’s time that you pick a pint of paint and put wonders in your home!


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