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10 Bee-utiful Beehive DIY Projects

Does homemade honey sound great to you? Need some extra hands in your garden for helping your crop grow? Like the yellow and black color combination? Beekeeping may just be the perfect hobby for you! From helping the environment to having a complex society to observe, the benefits of beekeeping are vast. Beekeeping can also be a low cost hobby and a wonderful new addition to any garden or backyard. Worried about getting yourself or your family stung? Don’t “bee” silly! We have the string-proof beekeeping way all right here for you that is sure to make your beekeeping experiences are always as sweet as honey. Learn what all the buzz is about with our top 10 list of the most bee-utiful beehive DIYs around!

10 Bee-utiful Beehive DIY Projects

Helpful Hints For Hives At Home

Before getting into beekeeping, it is important to get tested for bee sting allergies. A small percent of the population has a severe reaction to beestings, so make sure you are cleared by your doctor before continuing.

Bees only sting when they feel threatened, and die after stinging so you can imagine they only sting when it’s their last option. You can work in your garden along side bees as long as you do not disturb the hive or a bee while they are pollinating. You can also wear a bee suit, gloves and mask while working near the hive for extra protection.

Before installing your hive and bees, make sure to check zoning laws in your area and make sure your neighbors are on board for your new hobby.

Ready for our top 10 most bee-utiful beehives that are sure to inspire you? Buzz below for the full list!


1. How To Make An Easy Mason Jar Hive

Beehive DIY Projects

This beehive is perfect for watching the secret world of bees out in the open. Simply build a hive frame and add mason jars upside down for the perfect way to watch the hive thrive!

Via Zevion


2. How To Make A Beehive From Paper Tubes

Looking for a long lasting hive that is also inexpensive? This smart-looking hive was created from just paper tubes and wood! Simple and simply stunning!

Via Maillardvillemanor


3. How To Make A High Up Hive

Want all the benefits of bees without seeing them on a ground level? Try this woven up high bee hive that is perfect for low maintenance bee colonies.

via Steamykitchen


4. How To Make Hand painted Hives

Into the traditional beehive? Take it to the next level with some paint and detailed stencils, just make sure the color you pick complements yellow and black.

Via Cuttingedgestencil


5. How To Make A Honey Cow Hive

Want a multi-purpose piece? Try creating this tide and true method of beekeeping, the honey cow!

Via Velacreations


6. How To Make A Bee Block 

Beehive DIY Projects

Looking for something more discrete? Try this hive block that looks beautiful hidden between trees or resting over a flower garden.

Via Sunset


7. How To Make A Beehive City 

Beehive DIY Projects

Bees have a complex social structure, so why not build them a town? After creating a traditional beehive, add miniature home finishings to create a buzzing bee city! We Suggest following this tutorial then adding your city style when complete!

via KimberlyMarshall


8. How To Make A Bubble Beehive 

Beehive DIY Projects

Boxy beehives not your thing? Try this round bubble bee hive! With a great view of the bee world and a fashionable shape, this beehive is sure to complement any garden.

Via Badassbees


9. How To Make An Observation Beehive

Via Cheepbeekeeping

Looking for a sleek hive that is beautiful enough to display indoors? Try out this window pane like hive design and enjoy an up close view of the life of your bees while sitting comfy on your couch!

10. Holzer Style Log Bee Hive

via permies



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