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6 DIY Deep Conditioner Recipes

Looking for DIY deep conditioner recipes?

6 DIY Deep Conditioner Recipes

We’ve got six of the easiest DIY deep conditioners out there. Most of the ingredients in the recipes below are safe to eat and are probably lounging around in your kitchen. Try our recipes and prepare for softer, stronger, all-around more luxurious hair.

How to Make DIY Deep Conditioner

1. Coconut and Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

Add the richness of both coconut and olive oil to your hair. Check out the homemade recipe here


2. Olive Oil and Egg Yolk

Get manageable and strong hair in no time with this easy to make DIY deep conditioner. Recipe here.


3. Banana, Avocado and Olive Oil

Check out the recipe here.


4. Avocado Coconut DIY Deep Conditioner Recipe

Bring your dry and damaged hair back to life. Recipe here.


5. Coconut and Honey

Yummy nutrients for your hair! Check out the recipe here.


6. Coconut Oil, Banana and Aloe Vera Deep Conditioner

Grab this easy DIY deep conditioner recipe from Naptural85.



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