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11 Ways to Use Old Easter Candy

Yes, even candy can be repurposed. 

Repurpose your old Easter candies with these 11 Ways to Use Old Easter Candy By DIY Projects at

The Easter holiday has come and gone, leaving behind baskets and bags full of candy in its wake. Instead of munching on the same candy day after day (or chucking the sweets out entirely), satisfy your sweet tooth cravings using a few creative candy makeovers. Transform leftover Easter snacks from tiresome treats into unforgettable indulgences.

11 Ways to Use Old Easter Candy

1. Cake or Cupcake Toppings

How can you make Easter candy even better? Bake a cupcake or a cake and put Easter candies on top!


2. Ice Cream Toppings

Just throw your old Easter candy in a food processor for a few seconds, and sprinkle the chopped deliciousness  on your favorite ice cream. Or if you want to make it like your favorite fro-yo, just pile on a myriad of your favorite candies. You can also do it Dairy Queen-style by mixing big chunks of candy into your ice cream treat. Don't worry, there's no wrong combination here!


3. Baked Goods

Everyone loves sweet baked treats. They only get better with Easter candy added in. Your chocolate Easter candies are perfect for adding to basic dough for an elevated chocolate chip cookie.


4. Jelly Bean Doughnuts

Jelly beans are a quintessential Easter treat, but their rampancy during the holiday season can grow a bit tiring. Try this delicious recipe puts a twist on the simple treat. Get the recipe here.


5. Vodka


Vodka is alcoholic. Candy is delicious. Therefore, vodka + candy = borderline perfection. Leftover gummy bears can absorb vodka, making for a delicious boozy treat. Jelly beans can also be infused into vodka or added to any number of awesome candy cocktails. And Jolly Rancher-infused vodka is so good that you'll be buyingthe candy long after Easter ends. Click here for more info.


6. Robin's Egg Brownies

Indulge in a taste of delectable fudgy brownies. Each bite is studded with gooey, melted chocolate Cadbury Robin’s Egg candies, making for a sweet treat you have to taste to believe! Recipe here.


7. Peeps S’mores

This dish is one of the simplest Easter leftover concepts out there; it’s also one of the most tantalizing! Using Peeps in place of standard marshmallows will add a satisfying bit of sugar-coated texture to each bite. If you don’t have the means to roast your Peeps, simply pop them under the broiler on a cookie sheet. You’ll achieve perfectly gooey results in no time! Get the recipe here.


8. Easter Egg Truffles

Because chocolate and oozing caramel just wasn’t enough on its own. Get the recipe here.


9. Cadbury Caramel Egg Stuffed Croissants

DROOL. Get the recipe here.


10. Get crafty

Who says you have to eat the candy? Websites like Pinterest can provide ideas for Easter candy-inspired crafts. Some options include jelly bean necklaces, Peeps Play Doh, wreaths and bouquets.


11. Donate it

If you're feeling benevolent, several charitable organizations accept donations of Easter candy.

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