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DIY Projects | How To Make An Aquatic Table Centerpiece

DIY Projects | How To Make An Aquatic Table Centerpiece

Do you want to craft the most amazing centerpiece that will have your guests bewildered before dinner? Learn how to make this awesome DIY project in a little less than an hour. You can find everything you need for pretty cheap, too!  If you’re tired of hosting boring dinner parties, liven up the mood with your aquatic terrarium of wonder. Read more to learn how it’s made!

Aquatic Table Centerpiece

For an organically modern design that will have your guests mesmerized, create this Aquatic Table Centerpiece.  The natural riverbed textures, drifting marimo balls, and tranquil fish, give this marine vase an unforgettable allure.


Step 1

Create a layer of rocks, one rock deep, that covers the bottom of the vase and comes up the sides slightly.  We are creating a bowl shape with the rocks, in preparation for step 2.


Step 2

Fill the center of the “rock bowl” with aquarium gravel.  The aquatic plants need gravel to sink their roots into, but we want to hide the gravel inside of the rocks (so don’t pour the gravel against the glass – keep it in the center for the best result).

Step 3

Cut open the bottom of the plant containers and gently pull the plants out.

Step 4

The roots are generally packed in gel, so wash away the gel from the roots.

Step 5

Nestle the roots of each plant into the gravel, spacing them out as desired.

Step 6

The plants will be floppy without water, but try to get the roots facing straight downward into the gravel.

Step 7

Fill the vase with room temperature tap water.

Step 8

Use the fish net to skim off any little loose leaves or particles that drift to the top after water filling.

Step 9

Drop the marimo balls into whichever area of the vase you would like them to sit in.

Step 10

Read the directions on your water purifying drops and put the appropriate amount into the water.  Most brands advertise immediate results.

Step 11 (Optional)

If you are going to use the CO2 Booster for your plants, follow the bottle directions for those as well, and pour into the water.

Step 12

You are almost ready to introduce the betta to its new habitat.  Just make sure that you let the vase water reach room temperature.

Step 13

Gently pour your betta into the vase and you’re done!  Enjoy your tranquil, natural decor.

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