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7 Nifty DIY Paving Projects For Every Garden

Awaiting for some great ideas to give your garden a makeover?  Check out the list below for the coolest modern style of paving ideas you can work on your next garden project!

7 Nifty Paving Ideas For Every Garden

7 Nifty Paving Ideas For Every Garden

Cool Paving Choices For Your Garden

There are numerous ways to make your garden a soothing place to relax.  You might just be able to use  your creativity to utilize what you already have in your backyard or somewhere around your house.  Here are some brilliant paving options to give your garden a touch of beauty.

1. Pebbled Path

Allow more control by setting pebbles and gravel in concrete to show elegance and style in your garden.


2. Make It Random

Stop worrying about a specific pattern.  Paving in random stone slabs works well in any garden style.


3. Concrete Pavers

Create a very durable and easy to install concrete blocks.  You could also space them apart and plant groundcovers in between.


4. Stone Patio Pavers

A fabulous choice for woodland paths and cottage gardens.  Large stones set in multicolored gravel makes a beautiful and natural-looking paver.


5. Black Slate Tiles

Neat, black tile provides great contrast for bright green plants and a modern style of paving.


6. Sea Shells Paver

These cast concrete sea shells is a cool and unique paving that reminds you of the beach.  You may need to spend some time along the shoreline and start collecting the best shells you can get.  It’ll be fun getting busy with your design as it brings out the artist in you.


7. Checkerboard Pavers and Creeping Thyme

Make that nice checkerboard pattern in your backyard with pavers and alternating squares of creeping thyme.


Grig Stamate came up with this brilliant video about Beautiful Garden Walkway Designs and Garden Paths. Check it out below!


Thanks to HGTVGardens, I was able to come up with this exceptional list of Garden Paving Ideas. 

Now that you’re on your way to remodeling your garden with these superb ideas, click HERE for more related topics to complete your garden makeover!


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