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How to Make a Dress | How to Thread a Sewing Machine

How to Make a Dress | Dressmaking Classes

Lesson 2 – How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Mastering the machine is a must.  Before you can start sewing, you must understand your sewing machine. Sewing machines are moving contraptions with many different moving parts and levers that work together, keep them in good working condition! Similar to a car, if one part is off, the whole system will not work. Familiarize yourself with the way your machine works so your sewing experience will be more satisfactory.

In this tutorial I am using a Simple Singer Sewing Machine c 2013. Your machine might be different, but the beautiful thing is all sewing machines are relatively the same. The parts of the machine are all named the same thing, and they all serve the same purpose. If you are lost with your machine, use the handbook, or find an old manual on the internet.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to wind your bobbin
  • How to thread your machine
  • How to thread your bobbin

REMEMBER: Whenever you experience a problem with your machine, consider rethreading it. “reset” the machine, this should help all systems work properly. If you are still having issues after rethreading it, consider tightening or loosening the tension.

Having trouble? Click here to find the manual for your specific sewing machine.

Seeking STEP BY STEP Photos? Check out our article here: How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt


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