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DIY Soundproofing | How To Soundproof Your Space

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State of the art soundproofing is mighty expensive which is probably why you haven’t come around the project lately. Now you know you don’t have to spend big bucks/break the bank for a soundproof sanctuary with this practical yet effective DIY soundproofing project!

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Easy DIY Soundproofing Guide with Tips and Smart Hacks

What You’ll Need:


Step 1. Pick a Room

soundproofing-walls-3d-illustration | diy soundproofing walls

First, pick the right room. If you have a choice of which room to soundproof, consider one on the top floor (if you have more than one floor) since it is difficult to soundproof the ceiling.

Choose a room farthest away from noise and appliances. If the walls of the room are unfinished, like a garage, you’ll need to add insulation and drywall.

Step 2. Clear the Room

house-renovation-westernstyle-room | diy soundproofing walls

Next, remove all wall decorations along with any furniture which is not essential. Sound moves best on flat surfaces, so remove any tables, bookshelves, and cabinets.

If the room has a closet, decide whether to soundproof the doors or remove them and soundproof the closet walls.

Step 3. Carpeting

close-workers-hands-unrolling-carpet-on | diy soundproofing panels

Carpet the floor and ceiling. Thick shag carpet is an ideal sound absorber.

You have to walk on the floor so make sure it remains flat and even! The floor and the ceiling should be the only flat surfaces in your room.

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Step 4. Cover Windows

close-metal-eyelet-on-grayblue-curtain | diy soundproofing windows

Cover all windows with cardboard (or fiberglass) and insulation. If possible, use fiberglass or drywall over the windows. If covering them is not an option, using soundproof curtains can be considered.

Step 5. Apply Materials for Soundproofing Walls

acoustic-panels-on-wall-form-honeycombs | diy soundproofing door

Eliminate all flat surfaces and replace them with uneven surfaces by applying carpet to the walls in a wave pattern. This will trap sound waves.

Cut the carpet into equal size squares (6 inches will do), and cut cardboard squares the same size and cover them with carpet. Staple the squares to the wall so they jut out into the room.

If the mini carpet walls are placed close enough together, the sound will bounce between the walls and dissipate.

Step 6. How to Soundproof a Door

insert-key-into-lock-door-soundproofing | acoustic-panels-on-wall-form-honeycombs | diy soundproofing door

Cover the inside of the door with a carpet (but leave room for the doorknob!). Apply weather stripping until the door fits as snugly as possible into the frame.

More Ideas for a DIY Soundproofing Material:

  • Egg carton
  • Foam

Depending on the material which works for you, these are the basic steps for DIY soundproofing!

This video from Soundproof Central will show you 5 easy DIY hacks for soundproofing a room cheaply:

Whether it’s from or for a loud teenager and their almost-famous band, a game room rocking surround sound, or even just an office which requires a little peace and quiet for the work-from-home parent, most people like to have some control over the decibel levels of their domain.

Do you have a need for DIY soundproofing? Will you give this DIY soundproofing a try? Tell us your plans for one in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 3, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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