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15 Road Trip Inspired DIY’S You Need To Know About

DIY Road Trip Ideas

15 Road Trip Inspired DIY'S You Need To Know About

It’s summer and you know what that means…road trips! We can’t wait for you to check out all the fun that’s in store for you in this post. Make sure to save your pennies, you’re in for one heck of a ride! If you’re into taking spontaneous road trips across the country, you probably need to pack a survival bag or car. Don’t know what is essential? We’ve got you covered. Take a trip down memory lane with some awesome mix-tapes, stroll along the Pacific Coast Highway sporting your DIY head scarf, and marvel at the greatness of the open road! We’ll show you how to pack to ensure you’re plenty equipped with the most epic stuff you wish you had in the 90’s. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling.

15 Road Trip Inspired DIY’S You Need To Know About

These are obviously the coolest DIY’s we could find. Think you can do better? Leave your comments in the feedback and we’ll put your suggestions in our roundup! 

1. Start An Adventure Fund

Everyone needs a fun fund before they head anywhere. Put an old jug or mason jar on your desk and label it. This will force you to save some dough. We promise it’s a good idea!

via garrettgee


2. Road Trip Bucket List: DIY Embroidered Maps

Make a pretty sweet embroidered map of all your travels.

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

via bldg25


2. 10 Road Trip Snacks

We promise that with these awesome snacks you won’t throw your significant other out of the car. Find the rest over at Huffington Post.

via huffingtonpost


3. Make A DIY Road Trip Journal

via vol25

…because you absolutely need some time to write about favorite scenic spot, or your favorite wild animal…or your favorite abandoned gas station. Whatever!


4. Organize Your Road Trips

Who doesn’t want condiments in a dollar-store-bought basket? I do.

via theharrissisters


5. Make A Serious Singalong Throwback Mix-tape

via Pinterest


6. Genius Car Dipping Snacks For The Open Road

via choosetothrive


7. DIY: Bug Repellent Balm

via gardenista

For when you have to stop alongside of the road to…check your tires…


8. Say GOODBYE To Disgusting Sleeping Situations

via beersandbeans

This is totally “your mommas” sleep sheet, but hey, it’s pretty awesome.


9. Buy (or make) A Cool DIY iPad Head Rest Holder

Go check out this awesome Etsy shop to grab yourself a Chevron iPad holder!

via babygirlscreations


10. Make A Four-Legged-Friend DIY Travel Kit

Your pooch will shower you in kisses if you just deliver these quick and easy goods.

via milesandemma


11. Maiden Braid Your Hair

…because let’s face it…you know you’re bored.

via Buzzfeed

12.  Make Mini DIY Travel Map Mint Containers

via junk&stuff

Because everyone knows their breathe gets funky on the road…


13. Make A DIY Head Scarf Like You’re Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard

via Keiko Lynn


14.  DIY Gluten Free Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

This isn’t fair…and they’re gluten free!?

via glutenfreecasually


15. Make The Perfect Road Trip Bag

Who doesn’t want a huge bag that fits way too much stuff?

via whilehewasnapping


Thanks for checking out our DIY road trip ideas! We hope you take these ideas and hit the road. How did you like this post? Do you have a blog of your own that you’d like to share with us at DIY Projects? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to link to your site! Do you have a project that you’d like us to attempt? The more you comment, the more likely we are to do the craft project of your dreams in the  future. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest updates on craft projects in the making!

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