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Easy DIY Mason Jar Lantern Projects

Want to know how to make hanging mason jar lanterns? It's the perfect kind of mason jar crafts to light your home or hang for an outdoor party. If you're running out of mason jar ideas, this is an easy DIY project you can make in just minutes! Mason Jar Lanterns | Mason Jar Crafts I love mason jar crafts. There's just a wide variety of DIY projects you can make with them. …Continue Reading

How To Make Moss Graffiti | Cool DIY Project

These days, people are becoming more environmentally aware. Because of that, contemporary artists have made a discovery of moss graffiti. The idea of making living, breathing graffiti has become a great outlet for graffiti artists. This recent trend in street art is also known as eco-graffiti or green graffiti. This form of graffiti is not only visually appealing but it can …Continue Reading

How To Make A Table From A Repurposed Army Ammo Crate

Take a look at Craigslist, your local Goodwill store, a yard sale, or even a burn pile in a neighbor’s yard - you may just find your next outdoor table and storage box!  A simple wooden Army ammo crate is a great re-purposed item to use for this simple DIY project. If you're lucky enough to live in a rural area, you come across these storage crates more often. Try looking on …Continue Reading

Mason Jar Craft Ideas | How To Make A Terrarium

Want to make a mason jar into a terrarium? This easy mason jar craft is just for you! Beautiful in a group or a centerpiece, our mason jar terrariums are perfectly dreamy and surprisingly simple. Create a mini mystical forest that's perfect for your desk, home, or as a gift. Don't have a green thumb? This mason jar terrarium requires no watering! How To Make A Mason Jar …Continue Reading

36 More Weekend Preparedness Projects

Looking for some cool DIY weekend projects for preparedness?You loved our weekend preparedness projects for preppers so much the first time, we thought we'd give you even more!Only this time, we've only included even better and more useful survival gear and projects for you preppers-in-training to work on.With our friends over at Survival Life, we've created a list …Continue Reading