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16 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

Lately, I've been really into bird watching. I'm no pro and I don't belong to the Audubon Society; I just love seeing birds flying, perched in trees, diligently making nests, etc.That's why I decided to make a DIY bird feeder -- to attract beautiful birds to my very own backyard.I'm still experimenting with different DIY bird feeder designs because there are so many pretty …Continue Reading

9 DIY Compost Tumbler Ideas

Want to know how to make a DIY compost tumbler? If you're looking for compost tumbler DIY ideas, then check out this list and find out how to build a compost bin. This is a great backyard homesteading project for living a sustainable lifestyle. …Continue Reading

How to Grow an Avocado From a Seed

So you want to grow an avocado from a seed? This is a fun project anyone can do at home, with their own avocado pit. Mix up your avocado into one of these Fun Guacamole Recipes, save the pit, and let's get started!Want to know how to grow an avocado from a seed? It's not as complicated as you think and you really don't need to have a green thumb to grow one. How to Grow an …Continue Reading