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Build a Tool Shed in 5 Easy Steps

Want to learn how  to build a tool shed? It's not as hard as you might think! Build a Tool Shed in 5 Easy Steps Over the years, you have probably accumulated some excess possessions. Instead of building a house extension to contain it all, why not build a tool shed? It is a simple home improvement that can increase your storage space. Best of all, you do not need to hire …Continue Reading

Easter Decorations That Will Impress Your Guests [Mood Board]

Easter Decorations That Will Impress Your Guests Whether you're hosting Easter brunch this year and want to impress your guests or simply want to add some spring cheer to your home, there are endless ways to embrace the season. Decorating eggs with washi tape is a fun, no-mess activity for all ages. Or if you want to get a little more intricate, try using acrylic paint to …Continue Reading

Make Self-watering Planters Using Wine Bottles

Here's an attractive idea to keep your water-loving plants healthy --and recycle old wine bottle at the same time: DIY self-watering planters. Instead of throwing away that used wine bottle, why not put it to good use? These self-watering planters made using recycled wine bottles provide an attractive method to keep your moisture-loving plants happy and healthy.DIY: …Continue Reading

5 Lawn and Garden Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Every new homeowner hoping for a lovely green garden needs to check out these lawn and garden tips! 5 Lawn and Garden Tips for First-Time Homeowners The purchase of one’s first home is an exciting experience. The pride that comes with homeownership is the result of hard work, and you deserve all the good feelings that come with being handed the keys to your very own …Continue Reading

How to Preserve Flowers

Flowers have a way of livening up spaces both indoors and outdoors. Whether you enjoy decorating your home with beautiful bouquets or love to garden, fresh blooms are always a great addition and never seem to last long enough. To help you make them last longer, FTD put together a neat guide on how to repurpose flowers. The first step is pressing or drying your flowers. Once …Continue Reading

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