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11 DIY Game Night Ideas

Addicted to game night? These 11 DIY Game Night Ideas will make your upcoming parties totally special.  DIY Game Night Ideas I love spring! The fact that the cold weather is finally over and the warmth is once again coming back to conquer the winter chill get's me very excited. Iit's not just the warmth that gets me looking forward to spring; it's the games. I love …Continue Reading

How to Take Pallets Apart the Safe Way | Pallet Projects

All pallet projects require the safe starting point: a neatly broken down pallet. We'll show you how to take apart pallets the safe way so you can get started on exciting DIY projects. Pallet Projects There are hundreds of projects you can do with pallets, and finding those pallets for free or very little money generally isn't difficult. Once you get the pallets home, you …Continue Reading

How to Preserve Flowers

Flowers have a way of livening up spaces both indoors and outdoors. Whether you enjoy decorating your home with beautiful bouquets or love to garden, fresh blooms are always a great addition and never seem to last long enough. To help you make them last longer, FTD put together a neat guide on how to repurpose flowers. The first step is pressing or drying your flowers. Once …Continue Reading

14 DIY Bandana Design Ideas

Exciting Bandana Design Ideas Tired of wearing your bandana in the same old style? Did you know there are bazillion ways to upcycle your bandana into something fab?? This list features some amazing DIY bandana design ideas and projects that are fun & easy! Why not start it with having this Personalized Bandanna and Scarf Kit. It has a video tutorial that you can …Continue Reading

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