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Kitchen Organization

DIY Jewelry Organizer | Necklace Holder

Looking for a fresh way to display your jewels with an awesome DIY jewelry organizer? Are you tired of your necklaces tangling together or having to search through rows of chains before finding the one? This DIY necklace holder is a simple solution will have you proudly displaying your necklaces in no time, there's a bonus, this beautiful tree branch necklace display is also …Continue Reading

20 Things You Should Never Throw Away

 We all hate clutter. Sometimes we just want to purge out seemingly useless things from our homes. Some things, however, are better off the trash bins. Here’s our list of 20 things you should never throw away and cool, functional ways to reuse them! 1. Fancy Glass Bottles  Clean and reuse your fancy glass bottles, they make great containers for homemade …Continue Reading

Tidy Up With This Cute Mail Organizer

If you have a super busy lifestyle, organizing is one of the skills that you should acquire. One of the most overlooked organizational task is the mail, which almost always ends up in a pile on your kitchen table. And we all know what happens when we leave our mail unorganized - unpaid bills, unanswered letters, ignored correspondences. But don't fret, this cute mail organizer …Continue Reading

IKEA Hacks |DIY Furniture You Must Try

Have you ever walked into an IKEA and marveled at the simplicity of such a simple place? Yeah, us too. We're always on the hunt for DIY ideas and we thought - we can absolutely make this stuff. It's not difficult, and with the help of our fellow designers  and bloggers we've come up with the best roundup of IKEA hacks just for you! Start collecting your crafting materials, …Continue Reading

Magnetic Wall Paint – How to Make a Magnet Wall

Have you ever wanted to transform a wall in your house into a magnetic wall but didn't want to hang a metal board or have to paint it a funky color? We are going to show you the easiest way to transform any wall in your house, whether it be in your office or kitchen into a magnetic wall.  How to Make a Magnetic Wall:   Supplies You Need:Magnetic Primer …Continue Reading