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Kitchen Organization

Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holders

  Looking for your next mason jar craft? Have fun with painted mason jars by making them a utensil holder. This is a fun and easy DIY project you can make by decorating mason jars and making them your personalized utensil organizer!   Painted Mason Jar Utensil Holder | Mason Jar Crafts Are you tired of fumbling around in a messy utensil drawer when you …Continue Reading

30 DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects

DIY Chalkboard Paint Crafts | DIY Craft Ideas Interested with DIY chalkboard paint crafts? Looking for easy diy projects and diy craft ideas that involves upcycling? Here are featured 30 DIY projects using chalkboard paint! Another fun way of creating diy home decor - that involves crafts to your furniture that you and your kids will surely adore! But first let us check on …Continue Reading

17 DIY Organization Tips and Projects to Start Your Year

Best  DIY Organization Ideas and DIY Organizing Projects Looking for some new DIY organizing ideas and DIY organizing projects to make order of things in your life? We've had a lot of New Years that have passed where we vowed to be more organized but never do. Make this year different with our organization tips and projects you can try for your kitchen, bedroom and pretty much …Continue Reading

DIY Jewelry Organizer | Necklace Holder

Looking for a fresh way to display your jewels with an awesome DIY jewelry organizer? Are you tired of your necklaces tangling together or having to search through rows of chains before finding the one? This DIY necklace holder is a simple solution will have you proudly displaying your necklaces in no time, there's a bonus, this beautiful tree branch necklace display is also …Continue Reading

20 Things You Should Never Throw Away

  We all hate clutter. Sometimes we just want to purge out seemingly useless things from our homes. Some things, however, are better off the trash bins. Here’s our list of 20 things you should never throw away and cool, functional ways to reuse them! 1. Fancy Glass Bottles   Clean and reuse your fancy glass bottles, they make great containers for homemade …Continue Reading

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