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Kitchen Organization

How to (Naturally) Rid Your Home of That Strange Smell

How to Rid Your Home of That Strange Smell Every time guests step over your threshold, they crumple their nose. You might not smell it, but your house contains a strange, off-putting odor that everyone else seems to shrink from. Even if you have gone nose-blind ― a condition marked by an inability to notice certain smells due to continued exposure to them ― you can still …Continue Reading

10 DIY Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Need a space makeover? Got a tight budget? To save value and appearance, try these DIY cabinet refacing ideas! If you're contemplating a makeover, but don't want to break the bank on brand new cabinets, you'll want to explore your options for cabinet refacing. Refacing your cabinets can give them a "like new" appearance, or even breathe brand new life into your …Continue Reading

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